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  • Arancha - Words cannot express how horrible this product is

    Words cannot express how horrible this product is. After a tedious data entry, I could not get the form to print to PDF with the line items corresponding to the amounts. I decided to shut down the computer and try again. The program then would not start indicating I had to reinstall. This is garbage and I seriously recommend you do NOT purchase it. I now have to do the very thing I did not want to do and go back to a paper form.

  • Amazon Customer - overall these are nice lights, but the reverse lights are a joke

    overall these are nice lights, but the reverse lights are a joke! the reverse lights point straight up so they don't project out of the light housing

  • sharma crenshaw - It works!

    Ive seen a lot of bad reviews but people don't realize there is no miracle solution to anything! You have to work at it in order to get results. This is the flattest ive seen my stomach ever! Ive been working out and dieting and doing the tummy tuck program religiously for one month and I am truly happy! I couldn't have achieved these results without it......Only down fall is this program is can find a cheaper tummy shaper and slimming cream on Amazon and get the same results.

  • CRCR - Absolutely No Value For Your Money - don't fuel a pyramid marketing business!

    i bought some Ambrotose from a friend's wife as a favor, telling her that I don't take any supplement without understanding it fully. I ended up spending hours researching ingredients, claims of patents, studies and Mannatech executives. I'll start by clarifying that just because a company is publicly traded and generates millions of dollars does not mean that it sells a product that works. This company works using person-to-person sales, so that Mannatech can dodge the restrictions placed upon it by the loss of a large lawsuit by the State of Texas. The company encourages "associates" to make unfounded claims and then can "fire" the independent worker if anyone reports the practice of making health claims. Since most people are sold the product by friends, probably minimal complaints are filed.