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  • ScubaGal - Awesome!

    Nothing but praise for this download software. Easy to follow; lots of directions, explanations, and helpful tools. Would highly recommend.

  • Alex - Terrible product and support.

    I bought this product. It will not sync to either of my PC's. Contacted ASUS support and they could not give me a place to download drivers. Oh and the camera quality is very bad. My phone has a MUCH better camera than this tablet.

  • Faithman - Coleworld no blankets

    Cole IS the best rapper in the game right now. So unique, so lyrical. Doesn't need video hos or weed songs to prove it

  • J. Alexander - Very happy with this product.

    I absolutely love this product. I've put one on my car keys, one on my work keys, and one on my wallet. I've saved so much time hunting for them. I like the peace of mind it gives me. It was very easy to set up and the unit is so lightweight I don't notice it, even on the work keys I wear on a lanyard around my neck.

  • Christopher J. Guidry - Keep Calm and buy A PS4!!!!!

    After months of waiting for this system I would say it was a definite worth of wait. I order the system in late Jan and receive it less than a week from ordering it. I have seen a few reviews and videos of shipping from here and was worried due to the packaging epically living overseas.