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  • Myanna Widdowson - Handy set of garden helpers!

    this is a great set of garden shears - a lightweight pair for snipping thin twigs and flowers and a heavy duty set for thicker branches. The product arrived quickly using Amazon Prime and without damage.


    This isn't even the same seal that YL seals their bottles with! This is NOT a straight from YL product and it may have been tampered with. Young Living does not sell on Amazon. There is no guarantee of what is in this bottle. It may be pure EO, it may have been diluted or had stuff added to it.

  • Hadley Livingston - Happy With Nioxin at first, but caused my fine hair to Knot terribly!

    I purchased Nioxin Cleanser, System 1 Shampoo from my local Ulta store. I found a bottle of Nioxin Cleanser, System 2 Shampoo at Ross, at an extremely inexpensive price, and I liked it so much I decided to try the System 1 shampoo. I really liked the System 1 shampoo at first, but Unfortunaetly, the shampoo seems to leave my hair in knots, and drys out the ends. I am a 36 year old woman, and my hair is not thinning, but it is baby fine, snaps like a rubber band, and is extremely oily. I have to wash my hair every night. I have tried shampoo after shampoo over the years to cleanse my oily hair. I used Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo for years. Suave decided to change the formula, however, to an obnoxious smelling floral scent, and a harsher formula, and the shampoo made my scalp itch, and stripped my hair of all of it's oil.

  • JWalk - It's Tax software

    It works but every year it seems the interface gets less friendly. If you knew nothing about taxes you could end up skipping or missing deductions because this program would rather you didn't take them. It errs on the side of caution. If you get through the "interview" without any "exceptions" you can be almost assured of two things. You left money on the table and you don't have to worry about "cheating" because this program won't let you forget an "override."

  • Cedarbrook - Broken pulley

    Found a record in box where ano cust had returned chair 2 months earlier. They shipped it out to me with a broken pulley. Box was ripped when I got recieved it.

  • Jacquelyn - The first 2 pages were great for an 18 mo old when ur teaching her ...

    The first 2 pages were great for an 18 mo old when ur teaching her some of her first words. Then the rest of the pages were full sentences she absolutely is not ready for so the fun stopped there. I feel like there were way more words they could have chosen instead of resulting to full sentences.