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  • ChansonsEtContes - Finale Printmusic is okay for basic music notation and engraving ...

    Finale Printmusic is okay for basic music notation and engraving. I previously owned the full version of Finale, but decided to give Printmusic a try since I wasn't doing as much composing, arranging or copying. There were things I wanted to do in Printmusic that I did in the full version, but those features were not in Printmusic. If you've used the full version before, avoid downgrading.

  • Frank K. Mauro - Just be smart and you won’t need one

    My girlfriend and I went to Italy for two weeks in September 2014 and went all Rick Steves for our research. His 2013 Italy book was extremely helpful and informative for everything from restaurants to finances. Rick goes into alot of detail in regards to pick-pockets and thieves that left me a little concerned but we never saw any problems while there. With that, he recommends using a money pouch which I tried for about 30 minutes and discarded it. It was too embarrassing going into my pants every couple hours for anything from cash to a credit card to ID. Just be smart and you won’t need one. I will note with this book that Rick, in my opinion, gears his information more towards a college student spending a couple months traveling around Europe. By this I mean he talks alot about cheap eats at bars and staying at hostels (which is basically a college dorm) vs. a middle age professional like myself just spending two weeks there and not concerned about finding free eats. Despite that, I am very happy with the information provided in this book and would recommend it to anyone going to Italy.

  • B. Petty - Good buy

    Great feel. Good buy. Needed a nudge to my game. A new solid feel to my mid irons was the shot in the arm I needed.

  • Amazon Customer - Some features are worse that Nero 8

    Some features are worse that Nero 8, such as ripping a CD. It is now much more complex and less intuitive. A really great feature is joining several mp3 files together into one file with a few clicks.

  • Rob P. - Minor defects

    Just started playing golf and wanted an affordable beginners club set. This set received the best reviews on several sites. The 5 hybrid arrived with dents on the face of the club. Since I'm a beginner it won't make much difference in the quality of my game but I am disappointed with the quality of the club I received. I probably won't buy another club online again and will want to inspect before buying. Overall, for the price I am still ok with this purchase. It appears that I am at least the third person to report this issue so I hope it is addressed by either amazon or top flight.