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  • William Angel - Works as promised.

    Much better than monthly or even weekly inspections of winter homes in Florida. Our complex always has a few people returning to find mold in their homes costing them thousands to repair.

  • Margaret Lewis - ... product everyone says "wow your skin looks so natural… like you're not wearing any make-up"

    When I wear this product everyone says "wow your skin looks so natural… like you're not wearing any make-up". It adjusts to your exact skin tone. I'm sad they don't sell it at Ulta or Sephora any longer! But thank God for amazon!

  • The 3 little Umipigs - Mozzarella is one of my favorite cheeses now

    Mozzarella is one of my favorite cheeses now. I tried purchasing a block and grading it myself but it ended up being a crumpled mess. I guess I didnt read the description too well as this is a non-dairy product. 'mozzarella style' I tried it on a pizza, it half melted which is better than most fake cheeses but still not quite the same taste as the real thing. So it is good for a non-dairy product but not great if you are looking for a milk cheese. If you feel that my review was helpful, please let me know by pressing the 'yes' button below. Thank you!

  • BillBristolCT - Better than other anti virus programs.

    Just got a new computer with the "Mc" antivirus software free for 1 year. As a Norton user for many years, this has gotten better. I don't like the Mc software and will remove it and use my Norton until it expires. Free doesn't always mean better. A local store tried to sell me a free av software with a rebate equal to the price. You cannot convince me that the free software is just as good as the "pay for" software.

  • William Boardman - Quicken Retal - Junk

    When you enter rent it puts it in the check register on the date the rent was due not when it was actually deposited