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  • Cynthia Herring - Love love love this chair!

    I ordered this chair because I have a small kitchen and a 'typical' high chair just took up too much space. This chair has been awesome! My son (one yrs. old) loves it. He loves being able to sit at the table with me. It takes up very little space. It is super easy to clean. I have taken it apart several times now and thrown it in the washer and it comes out looking great everytime. The pocket in the back is great for storing all his bibs. It's sturdy and solid. I have no fear of it coming off the table or my son falling out of it. I am very very pleased with this product and am so happy I bought it. It is also very easy to travel with.

  • JenandChan - We love Pediasure!

    My son is one and isn't even on the charts with his weight. He has a couple of medical issues and he doesn't eat enough food because of it. He loves Pediasure and uses it as his sole nutrition. He is finally starting to grow from drinking Pediasure! I love this stuff and it's easily accessible. I did taste the drink and it tastes like ice cream to me :)

  • Young Dragon - Nero Program Is Getting Worst Every Upgrade Every Version. It's All About The Money.

    I have just purchased Nero 2016 Platinum--and it sucks. I tried to install Nero on my computer with Windows 7 Ultimate, and Nero failed to install with message,"...Nero 2016 requires the following items to be installed on your computer. Click install to begin installing these requirements. Microsoft VC Redist 2012 (x86) and Reboot Validator...." Second message, "...Nero requires that your computer is running Windows XP with at least SP3, Windows Vista with at least SP1 or Windows 7..." Third message, "...The installation of system Requirement Validator has failed. Set up will now exit..." I can't get pass this to enter the codes. The software makers only think about the money they make off the software and not the quality. I sent Nero.com support a message--waiting on their respond to this problem.

  • J. Nelson - Error in MAC version and poor technical support

    I purchased the At Home 2012 Deluxe and installed on my Macbook Pro. Entered the data and completed the Federal taxes and then installed the Illinois state module. The Illinois state software DOUBLED MY STATE TAXES PAID so threw off my return by $2700. I checked the numbers I entered in the W2 section of the program and they were correct. I called customer service and they asked if I installed the latest Illinois version. I checked the update section and it was the most current. They offered to email me another Illinois version and said it should correct and override the existing installation. So, I opened and attempted to install from the provided link and the installer told me I had a more recent version of Illinois state tax module installed already. So, I ordered Turbo Tax today.

  • David Wright - An excellent manual for Access novices

    I have some experience with databases and database structure, but almost none with Access, and this manual has been close to perfect as I convert a membership database for a volunteer organization from Excel to a more appropriate applicaiton. It introduces database concepts in a clear and painless way, with lots of examples and tips for more experienced users. Really experienced users would be put off by all the examples and the wordiness, but I have found it to be very helpful. The author uses examples that are approachable, but complex enough to show many Access features that are much harder to describe clearly than to show by example. I highly recommend this book, at least for users with similar backgrounds.

  • CO Native - great product, versatile, works great, good price.

    last fall we had torrential rains here and after they had ended we found that the paint on our house was stained with streaks of green from all the wet pulvarized vegetation. we just painted our home last year and were worried about using ANY cleaning compound after putting out a small fortune on the new paint. saw this and read through the customer feedback and thought it might just do the trick and it did. to apply it i used an attachment for washing cars. instead of putting car wash soap in i put in this and it worked as good as i'd hoped. those stains that had been on the house through half the year, gone in no time using krud kutter. after that i thought to try it on our bbq grill and it made that job much easier too. a good cleaning product that actually works as well as they say.

  • L. Johnston - Easy to apply and a normal tan color.

    This stuff works pretty well! I was pleasantly surprised. I like that it is "lotiony" enough that I can just rub it in with my hands and then wash them off after. Some of the other products I have tried are a bit more "foamyish" and require a mitt that ends up breaking at the seams and making a mess. I don't put a lot of the product on, just enough to give a little color. I like how this product works for me.