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Welcome to Winton Pharmacy - We are a rural Pharmacy situated in the heart of Southland , 30 km north of Invercargill . Our purpose is to provide better health outcomes for the rural Commuinity.....

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City: 172.6024 Canterbury, New Zealand

  • Felice Alter - i like it

    for arthritis since i cannot use aspirin this helps a little bit. better than nothing- just takes the edge off of thepain

  • JOAQUIN MARTINEZ - This book was recommended to me by my buddy that joined the Air ...

    This book was recommended to me by my buddy that joined the Air Force last year because he felt like it helped him get the high score he needed to get in (the Air Force being the most exclusive branch and all). My bar isn’t quite as high – not really into flying, but I do want to join the Coast Guard, which is usually a score better than 40, so not exactly easy.

  • Happycamper - Secure Anywhere Complete

    I used to have another service, but recently tried to re-subscribe and it wouldn't accept my bank card. I found out the reason was that the company was located in Cyprus. I want to support a service in this country. I went on a search and found Webroot. Within minutes I was accepted and downloaded and secure. I am so pleased with this service. I have checked several times and everything is runnning smoothly!

  • Rogreb - Can't get this program off my computer!

    Program did not install properly. Only half the graphics are displaying and it doesn't appear to be functioning. Worst of all it is not appearing in my Add/Remove programs list so I cant uninstall it. Have an email out to tech support but having read the previous review I think I just bought myself a nightmare. Really don't want to have to edit the registry.....