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  • bicar - A Product recommended by my foot doctor

    This is my second tube of Flexitol Heel Balm. My foot doctor recommended it. I think it works okay. It feels good and it is easy to apply. I'll continue using it. My heels are pretty sensitive and I think it helps the soreness. I put it on and them immediately put on socks as it makes the bottom of my heels slippery.

  • Jae1 - Reasonably priced

    I was going to buy a 60 inch LED TV but decided instead to buy this HDMI cable. What a brilliant choice I made. I'd hate to spend under $50 when there's one out there that is nearly $1,500 calling my name! Now I get a super duper high end diamond HDMI cable to stare at sticking out of my wall. Thank you AudioQuest for your brilliant quality at a reasonable price.

  • Amused - The Itch from Hell.

    This product causes my scalp itch to a degree that I never knew was humanly possible. Literally it's like the itch demon fairy princess from hell came and was digging into your scalp with an "itch-wand" that has needles at its ends dabbed with poison. I kid you not. This doesn't occur right when I put it on, but I'll get itch attacks during the day. And when these attacks occur, dare you even touch one follicle of hair in the area where the Rogaine was applied, the painful scratchy sensation increases a thousand fold. In other words, it itches like crazy, but if you try to scratch it, you will see the gates of Hell looming before you, as it punishes you for even attempting to try to relieve some pressure off your head.

  • Michael W. Smith - DRM Crashed my Box

    It's strange how you can make no changes to your system other than installing a game like Spore and it begins to bluescreen and crash. I don't know what exactly their DRM is doing but I'm going to have to reformat the drive and reinstall everything to get back to a stable box now.

  • Dominic Cara - Feed Your Inner Wolf

    Last night I was wearing the Wolf shirt and clipping my toenails. Of course I was drinking whiskey because who doesn't love to get drunk and clip their toenails. Halfway through the bottle I couldn't tell if my pinky toe had any nail left, so I just kept clipping and clipping until I saw blood. Then I felt the Wolf; I had to taste the sweet blood. The flavor made me hunger for more as I began gnawing my foot until I was overcome with raw Wolf aggression. The whiskey in my blood only made my flesh taste more delicious, and made me more drunk. I began to get lightheaded and I took a nap.

  • Federico Murillo - Dissapointment

    I bought this bike because of the Ultegra components, but when I open the package "Bingo" the 10-Spd Dual Control Shifters where Shimano 105. (lower level compared to ultregra) WTF, know I have to return all the bike because of that. The real problem..... This bike was a gift for my little brother, so he would made his first triathlon competition, so I would not return the bike. I feel I litle bit Rob

  • Josh Olberding - Cobra Powrpro for 2010 Nomad 1700

    This unit works as advertised with my Vulcan VN1700 Nomad. I read just about every review and educated myself on AFR. A lot of classic tune guys will defend their Power Commanders until their face turns blue. This unit has revolutionized the segment and serves 80% of most riders needs. My bike now pulls hard at low range and has corrected lean running condition. I recently added a K&N filter with V&H twin slash just before the tuner. My engine would get hotter than usual and I knew it was craving more fuel early in the powerband. Once this powrpro richened up the mixture, my bike has come alive. If you want EXACT tuning and extra dyno expense after every upgrade, get a PCV. If you want plug and play greatness for the life of your bike/modifications, go with this. You won't be sad. Ride Safe.