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VALUE METRICS S.A. - Ofrecemos servicios de consultoría para procesos de planificación estratégica, evaluación financiera de proyectos, planes de negocios, estructuraciones financieras, medición de capacidad de endeudamiento, valoración de empresas, entre otros.

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  • Maddog - What's a HASA?

    After previously purchasing a HASA R2, I am familiar with the build quality and components used...Excellent!

  • hien vo - say NO THANKS to all the free services/programs

    I would not recommend anyone to sign up for the FREE up grade alerts or the FREE customer support programs or anything that Quikbook offers for FREE when you first install the program on your PC or MAC. Press the NO THANKS button and move on to complete your installation. All these FREE services and programs will only give you headaches: especially the FREE 30 days or so trials. Once the FREE trials are over, you will receive non stop POP UP reminders to renew your subscription. And getting rid of those POP UPS can be a headache as well.

  • Mr. P. Leigh - Would defintely buy again

    Awesome roof rails - less than half the price of the big brands and work just as well. I have travelled at 70-80mph on the interstates with no whistle. With my huge carbox on top I do notice less fuel efficiency but this is not really a consideration given the amount of time it is in use. It is easy to set up and take down - even on the Grand Cherokee its a one person job

  • Terri V - Bend for Dante is a no brainier

    I have received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. The characters were well written and the chemistry between the two main characters was scorchingly hot and fan worthy. The drama that they encounter is nail biting and keeps you guessing. Another out of the park for this author.

  • Chapato - Why pay for OEM?

    These bars cost a fraction of OEM and are so easy to install. Took about 20 minutes from opening box to finished installation with just a screwdriver. They look great.

  • L. Darke - works well...wear gloves

    wear gloves! this is a good cleaner but needs to sit a bit, or you need to rub , or scrub it in, if the item is fairly dirty. I use it on a bunch of stuff, and it does clean pretty well. slight odor, but it goes away quickly.

  • Kaci Harrison - Ohhhh boooooogy TIME!! WooooHooooo

    So much fun. Bought for my kids but I play it constantly and I'm 34 years old. I beg my kids, let's play!!! Haha. It has about 4 songs I really love and then 3-4 that I kinda like and the rest are just okay... You can purchase more songs but I've only seen one and can't really figure out how to do it. Challenge mode and other modes pop up and you accidentally click them not knowing what is going on and you end up having to go back and do things again because it's sneaky and confusing. Other than that and some controller issues with the game it's pretty fun.