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  • G. R. Overturf - As advertised, a great find!

    I had some of this years ago and loved it, so wanted more to fix the tightness on my laptop hinges. It was hard to find but worth it. Lubed the hinges on the laptop so it now opens without cracking the plastic!

  • M. A. Truong-Tran - Good Mats for Winter

    These mats are good and fit well, but they will slide around a lot. They are not heavy enough or don't have enough spikes on the back to hold well. Overall, they do the job of protecting the carpet and keep moisture from rain or snow off of the interior.

  • larflorida - 30 year old tub & tile look like new!

    I purchased this product for the bathtub & surrounding tile for an older investment property-the bathroom tub & tile would not come clean no matter what kind of cleaning product I used. Tub & tile had mold, mildew, caulk coming out-a complete mess. Got several quotes from the "1 day bathroom renovation" companies & they were all between $3500 & $6000.00! Did not want to spend that kind of money. Did research on google, found Rust-Oleum kit & read the reviews. Hired a professional handyman company to do the refinishing because I don't have any kind of a sander & I know this is an important step. Now, the bathtub & tile look 100% brand new-the finish is gorgeous! Professionals advised me to use only Scrubbing Bubbles cleanser-they warned that anything abrasive or any product containing bleach were an absolute no go if I want the finish to last. Completed project was around $600. including 2 Rust-Oleum kits purchased from Amazon. The kits were far less expensive than the cost at a large national "builder supply" store. The whole project took 2 l/2 days to complete (dry time between coats is critical.) I'm thrilled with the results-if it lasts a few years, I'll be happy! If it needs to be reapplied again, I will use Rust-Oleum & have it professionally done & still be way ahead financially. Handyman company said they would recommend this product to future clients-truly a 5 star...just hope it lasts-no crystal ball on this aspect of the product.

  • tabitha l capps - Great

    My husband has this phone. Great for work and play .emails, web, video. No problem. Makes iPhone looks like a child's toy.

  • Lifesavr - A standard for backing up your computer that seems to have lost its way. I doubt that the average computer user needs it at all

    I am not sure what is going on with Acronis. Surely things have gotten complicated in the computer world around the different types of partitions and such when cloning and backing up. The interface of the 2015 I do like much better than the older versions of this software. But there are aspects of this software that are difficult if not impossible for me to use or even understand how they work. I guess I would want the software wizard to figure it all out but honestly it doesn't. It works well with just basic backup and restore, at least for me. But when I had backed up an image of a hard drive and try to move it to somewhere else, no matter how much I tried I couldn't get Acronis to do it. It always started and then came up with a reason why it wouldn't work. The reason never made any sense even with the help file. Now, that is what this software is for, to do “none” basic restores and backups that you’re Windows Backup may not be able to accomplish. It is there to save your but in an emergency, and it just didn’t do that for me, even though I spent hours trying. Now since it couldn't do that, I really wonder about the worth of this software. Also Acronis has a very difficult activation process which I find truly a pain in the... I had upgraded from 2014, to 2015, so now every time I need to install the newer version I have to input my older activation code along with the newer one. Why? This is totally stupid and a pain. They are always asking you to upgrade, so I wanted to upgrade from just one license to 3. So I did this, but with the information they sent me I have been unable to activate any of the 3 supposed license I have purchased. Out of frustration I bought a boxed version from Amazon, and of course worked that worked but I had to wait for its delivery. So basically you have a well-known software company that I feel use to be the standard for backups, but because of changes in the computer world, it just hasn't been able to keep up, especially now that you get a free version of back on Windows, that seems to work for basic backing, if that is all you needed. So for me this software company is truly in trouble. If it doesn't clean up its act, then for the home geek, there doesn't seem to be any real reason to purchase it anymore, which is rather sad.

  • DasNRich - This a pretty shirt, It's very flattering

    Women tops knot Front V neck long sleeve casual tunic blouse. This a pretty shirt, It's very flattering. I ordered the blouse in the black color. The material is very soft and comfortable. It fit very well, the sizes are true to size according to the size charts. This blouse is great for any occasion because of it lightweight material. This blouse goes with anything, leggings, jeans, skirts, dress pants. It's made of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex.

  • Brad - I was looking for an herbal/natural solution to my anxiety ...

    I was looking for an herbal/natural solution to my anxiety issues. I typically get social anxiety when in a large group or speaking in front of others. This was exactly what I needed. The supplement provides a subtle calmness that lasts all day.