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  • J. Muses - nope

    Did not work AT ALL. If you over indulge, you WILL gain weight plain and simple. Save your $$$ and push away from the table.

  • Rachel Ramos - Spend less on the Blitzwolf!!!

    GREAT PRODUCT! Can recharge my iphone 6 4-5 times if the wolf is full. I play ingress and I highly recommend this product...even over ANKER. :)

  • Rebecca - good songs, weird moves

    the suggested songs are pretty annoying and i don't know why anyone would want to dance to slow songs. the dance moves themselves are pretty random and involve a lot of moving around which isn't always a good idea in a small space or a room with a lot of people. Although there is an "upcoming" move section in the bottom right corner, there's hardly enough time to grasp whatever the current move is and by that time it's too late. I do think this would be fun after your 3rd or 4th time through once you're familiar with the song and it's nice that there are group options and that you get bonus points for singing along . This would probably be better for cheer leaders or energetic people who don't mind all the crazy dance moves that you basically have to memorize that have you all over the place. The reason why I got this game was mainly because it's very easy to navigate even if you're new to xbox or kinect, which is not true for other dancing games. I also prefer the 2014 songs over a lot of other versions and even if you have the option to buy more songs, I'd rather not buy a $40 game just to then go and buy $15 worth of add ons

  • Boomer - Read Before Reading After

    Although entitled 'After' it would be more accurately identified as 'Before' and 'After.' The transition between now and back then takes you up to the end of the storyline but by then you already know that the Before has already been addressed in the After. Still with me? Otherwise a well written novel even Before and also Afteer.

  • Alyssa leen S. Zablan - I received in on time and was really happy with the product

    I've only used It twice so far. A nectarine 1st day (tasted like cocunt, weird but good) & lemons today. Infused very well both times & is tasty, I've refilled it 3 times today and it's still lemony (many more weee breaks but that's a good thing). I'm loving it! I read most of the low star rated reviews and haven't experienced any of those or any other problems with mine. I feel the construction is good & sturdy. I like the mouth spout, lid and everything else about it. Good size too. Not too big & not to small. Haven't tried it with hot water yet, looking fwd to green tea & lemon. You can place in dishwasher, but they recommend hand washing. I just added a few drops of soap & hot tap water & shook & rinsed (no leaking!) and felt its clean enough. Once filled with water & fruit & closed you can shake & hold upside down with no leaking! Yes, the bottle does 'sweat' if really cold..not a concern of minebut maybe for others. Will be getting another one shortly so my roomy has her own, we love it! I bought it on discount in exchange of unbiased review