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  • Jim Martin - Piece of Crap Software Program and company

    I wholeheartedly agree with all the other reviewers who gave negative reviews on this product and the company that produces it. I have had similar issues and then some. And I'm no fool when it comes to computers (aside from that foolish moment I had when I bought this program). Let's all do our best and cause them to go out of business by not purchasing ANY of their products and slamming them whenever the opportunity arises. Hopefully, some of their employees will read some of the reviews on Amazon and other sites (those few of them who actually can read, that is). It is a total piece of crap. I mean the program, the customer support, the company, and heck, and "the whole kit and kaboodle."

  • Amazon Customer - Has a fine consistency that cleans and scrubs good leaving skin clean ...

    Works well. Has a fine consistency that cleans and scrubs good leaving skin clean and very moisturized. Also has a nice coconut scent.

  • jfc650 - The touch screen just does not work

    It is cheap, but the touch screen function just does not work? You almost have to use your finger to move many times to scroll the screen. Use your finger to select an item on the screen, 99% of time the selected one is two items below the the one you want to select.

  • Amazon Shopper - Not good for portable PCs

    If you're thinking of running Office on a portable PC, stick with 2010. While you may think you're buying a full retail copy of 2013, they've changed the licensing such that if your computer dies (dropped, spilled water on it, just expires) and you have to get a replacement, you CANNOT install the same copy of Office onto it. You have to buy Office all over again. Even if you've got an accident/damage protection plan on your laptop/notebook, you'll still have to fork out $400 for the privilege of reinstalling software you already bought. Outrageous!

  • J. Beck - doesn't even work.

    Can't install the hook app required to view videos on the kindle HD. Horrible app. Should be pulled from store if it can't be used on kindle HD.

  • Jay G. - Not a very good tourist guide

    My husband and I were planning a trip to Australia for Mardi Gras in Sydney but after reading this book I think we're going to North Korea on a cultural exchange (we play basketball a couple of times a year).

  • edhcpa - Excel CD

    Very detailed and tastefully presented, clear, concise, and understandable, especially for an Excel layman like me, I'm not done yet but so far so good ... thank you !!!