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The Virginia Center for Public Safety - The Virginia Center for Public Safety is a non-profit, non-partisan grass roots organization dedicated to the reduction of gun violence in Virginia. VACPS strives to accomplish this mission through awareness, education and advocacy. VACPS members represent a cross-section of racial, religious. professional and political groups.

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  • Mary Jo DiBella - Inexpensive, and it shows

    I really debated over how many stars to give this. I mean, it's a cheap laptop. $200 for a laptop is so inexpensive that it's hard to find fault with its weaknesses...and it has plenty of them. There's not a lot of memory or storage, the screen is 'meh', and the CPU is...the only polite way to describe it is 'low end'.

  • TechStudent2011 - Make sure you're ready for the small hassles

    Gave me a headache. Used it for facial hair growth. Helped my moutache grow a little more. Helped the hairs on the side of my face grow a little more. Worsened my ance though. AND found out if it comes into contact with a cat it will kill them. I love my cat so it had to go.

  • lana woolverton - Not totally happy

    We got the NR-240A and have had some problems. First, the plumber didn't program the pump to recirc and it took 3.5 min to get hot water. After programming, the pump will run, shut off, and come on again between 15 -45 seconds depending on conditions. Also, you can hear the motor run. It's not real loud but annoying. Plumber worked on it with tech support (not much help) for 2 days to keep the pump from continuously running. They finally set the programming to run for 30 min. and rest for 1 hr. hoping that the water in the loop will stay warm enough. I'm not pleased with all this, but we are working with the plumber to see if he can resolve.

  • Bob Lee - Good for sleeping

    I really like this stuff for helping to fall asleep at night and then stay asleep. There is no weird feeling in the morning (like some sleep aids) when waking up, even if you take it with only 6 hours before getting up. Mixes easily with water but it does bubble up quite a bit when you put it in hot water like making tea.

  • Marcyinak - A little spendy, but a good product.

    A friend introduced this to me when I complained of dye skin from where I live (Nome, AK). She said, just do your normal nightly routine - steaming washcloth and Libriderm for me- and roll it on over.". It IS that simple! Dries very fast, clear so my husband doesn't even know I have it on.

  • carrie l - I would definitely recommend this product!

    I originally purchased this product from WalMart for about $10, and to my surprise it actually worked. Within about two weeks of taking this supplement I noticed my nails were significantly harder (I've always had thin, fragile nails), and my previously fine, dull hair was noticeably shinier and more manageable. I've tried costlier hair/nails supplements such as Irwin Naturals, and didn't get nearly as significant a result as using this much more affordable supplement.

  • T. Statti - Should really be a 10!

    I'm an avid reader, with my favorite genre being legal thrillers. This book is by far the best legal thriller I've ever read! With so many twists and turns, there's no way to ever see anything coming! Scott Pratt develops his characters brilliantly, and you become really invested in them. I couldn't put this book down, and I'm really sad that it's over! If you read these reviews, Mr Pratt, please give us another like this... more Darren Street, or Joe Dillard! I need more!