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  • Matt Sprague - These are OEM

    Fit is 100% perfect since they are Mopar (which they are, I worked at a dealer and they came in the same package), but do not buy if you are AWD, they don't just say RWD to say it, these will not fit in an AWD charger.

  • RickyTikiTavi - I'm happy to say that I had no problems printing with ...

    I bought my first roll of 3mm black ABS from IC3D on based on price and reviews. It was my first roll of filament for a new Lulzbot Mini that I bought as a Christmas present to myself. My new 3D printer was my first 3D printer and it didn't come with a roll of filament. I'm happy to say that I had no problems printing with the filament from IC3D, even though this was my first experience with 3D printing. 

  • J. R. Abernethy - Good, but doesn't stay put.

    The QcK Mini provides a good gaming surface for the money. However, there are some issues you must consider before purchase.

  • Sarah C - You won't ever want to buy another brand again!

    This bra is perfect. Comfortable! Fits where it should on your body, you won't have to adjust it multiple times a day, like other brands. Just enough padding and doesn't look fake. Washes easily (I hang mine to air dry) and the "form" doesn't get messed up in the laundry. Made durable and is withholding it's construction. I don't wear VS bras anymore. Love Warner's bras!

  • Kenny Alonzo - All in all, a great knife

    Like another review said, the thing that swings the knife out doesnt really swing the knife all the way out. But that is not really a problem, since the knife can be pulled out manually. Everything works great, including the bottle opener, which surpassed my expectations.

  • Wiseguy - Al the rules and POE's are there....

    As ordered, but not like a normal Pdf. The search feature is no where as comprehensive as Adobe. Would have rather downloaded the Pdf file and used my search function for details and research.

  • Allison B. - Great hubcaps!

    I recently bought these for my 2006 Toyota Sienna LE. Installation was very easy. They fit perfectly and are nice and secure. They look great! Product arrived in less than a week.