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  • Lydia Dailey - UTI NO MORE

    I have been purchasing these tablets for my mother for the past year. They were recommended to her by a urologist because she was suffering from frequent UTIs. She purchased her first package at CVS and paid $15.00 for one package. Amazon has them 3 packages for around $20-22.00. She has not had ONE UTI SINCE SHE STARTED TAKING AZO!!! This stuff really works!

  • J. Buchanan - Works Great

    Excellent! Reception is great and I can now get the van washed in an automated car wash - much more convenient! I'm able to get HD Radio signals as well as the standard FM and AM signals just as well as with the tall antenna the minivan came with.

  • Amazon Customer - Fool Proof

    We've been having a lot of fun with this kit and have produced some good batches of beer. the instructions are very clear. It's pretty fool proof and lots of fun to have guests over and serve my own beer. The kid comes with Mr. Beer labels but it's fun to print my own on computer.

  • Allie - Great Sound Amplifiers!!!!

    Great little sound amplifier! I've bought 6 of them in the past, and they work great (so the person I buy it for loves it and says "Could you pick me up another one for so-and-so?" which is why I've ordered so many!). The really nice thing about them is that there's no battery to put in - those annoying TINY batteries that are so difficult for the elder and visually impaired to see and get into that tiny little slot! You just put them on the charger at night and you're good to go! They don't take long to charge up, maybe an hour or so, but it's fine to leave them on the charger overnight. One works in either ear, they're comfortable and for the price and fast shipping, they're excellent!! HIGHLY recommend!!!

  • Leena - I use this mask once every few months and it ...

    I use this mask once every few months and it really makes my hair soft and silky instantly! I don't have dry/brittle hair anymore because I stopped using heat on my hair, but this mask is still a treat!

  • Erika L - I LOVE this machine

    I LOVE this machine. If I had done a bit more research, I likely would have chosen one of the bundles that includes vinyl and other things this one does not come with. However, it came with an extra blade, extra mat, tools & sketch pens which are definite must haves. I bought this machine not knowing ANYTHING, and it is SO simple to use and setup. The design software is simple but has SO many abilities. In just a few weeks I have gone from a complete newbie to using my Cameo for EVERYTHING.