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Universo Gay - Red social para gays, lesbianas, transexuales y bisexuales - Universo Gay ofrece la actualidad LGTB y servicios gratis como chat gay, contactos, foros, guía de ambiente, agenda... ¡Descúbrelo!

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  • Thomas Graf - Massive disappointment

    Don't let the "server issues" smokescreen fool you. The servers are up and running fine now. I haven't had any connectivity issues since firing it up about four days after launch. The publishers are trying to blame a lot of the games issues on the server issues and all their press releases still focus on that. Don't be fooled, the flaws in this game go way deeper than server hiccups.

  • Mary - Not too helpful!!!!!!

    Due to the fact that I drink a couple of drinks every night and I have been feeling quite lethargic I was hoping this pill would do what was needed to cleanse the liver, but all it did was give me horrible stomach aches, indigestion and alot of trips to the bathroom. I took it for 3 weeks so I believe I gave it an honest try. Now that I don't have a belly ache every day I do feel less lethargic, lol!

  • Mark C. - This is by far the worst thermogenic supplement I have ever consumed

    This is by far the worst thermogenic supplement I have ever consumed! I'm sure it may work for others, as other bodies tolerate supplements differently, but I've gotten so many side effects from these pills alone. Never purchasing again!