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ULORIC (febuxostat) | Patient Information - A prescription medicine used to lower blood uric acid levels in adults with gout. Not to be used for the treatment of high uric acid without a history of gout. View Important Safety Information.

  • https://www.uloric.com/resources/uloric-patient-support/ Patient Support | ULORIC (febuxostat) - Savings offers, e-newsletters, and downloadable materials are right at your fingertips. Take a look to see what you can get started with today!
  • https://www.uloric.com/why-uloric/ Why Choose ULORIC (febuxostat)? - A prescription treatment option for gout that works by lowering your uric acid level, the root cause of your gout. View Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.uloric.com/taking-uloric/ What to Expect When Taking ULORIC (febuxostat) - ULORIC is a once-daily pill that you can take either with or without food or antacids. Take ULORIC just as your doctor instructs you.
  • https://www.uloric.com/patient-testimonials/ Gout Patient Stories and Testimonials - Hear from patients that have been diagnosed with gout and high uric acid, and have something to share about their gout experience.
  • https://www.uloric.com/resources/ Tools and Resources for Gout - When you have gout, the more information you have, the better equipped you are to talk to your doctor. Find patient support and educational resources.
  • https://www.uloric.com/resources/savings-card/ Savings Card and Patient Assistance | ULORIC (febuxostat) - With the ULORIC Savings Card, eligible patients will pay no more than $15, subject to a maximum benefit of $75. See eligibility requirements.
  • https://www.uloric.com/resources/educational-resources/ Learn About Gout and Uric Acid - There’s a lot of information out there about gout and uric acid, but here’s a great place to start. Learn about resources that can help you along your journey.
  • https://www.uloric.com/resources/share-my-story/ Share Your Gout Story - Don’t let the millions of other gout patients stand alone. Stand up and share! Help raise awareness with your personal gout experience.

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  • Ben's Mom - Hit and miss recipes and too much work

    I find the recipes to be very hit/miss. A few good ones, with a few really awful ones. I think the biggest reason for Gina's to have a following is that on her blog she lists the Weight Watchers Smart Points which makes it easier for those using WW to stay on plan. This book does not give the Smart Point values but the nutritional breakdown. There is nothing fast about the recipes as far as prep. Many recipes have 15 or more ingredients and too much prep. You can get a number of the recipes from her blog free. On her blog many of the comments are from people who haven't actually made her recipes, and there isn't a rating system.

  • Erika Wong - I love this product and will always be a part of ...

    I love this product and will always be a part of my skin care regiment. I use it every other day and am always amazed by how my skin feels after I use it. Perfect for when I get a little to much sun and my face starts peeling.

  • Jack - Engrossing and difficult to put down!

    A very different story as compared to most mystery types I read. I read it in about two days as I found it difficult to put down. I have enjoyed all of Scott Pratt's books with this one being the most different of them all!

  • Gina - Made me sick

    Made me sick - vomited shortly after taking - made my stomach really sick. The rest of the day, I felt buzzed. Not high per se, but just weird - not like the day before or even prior to taking. I then later felt dizzy - not a good feeling overall. It's the following morning after taking just 1 pill the day prior and my stomach is still a bit queasy. Also, it did make me feel sick at first - but later - I was more ravenously hungry than normal, which I fould peculiar.

  • valeen - strong connection and sweet moments

    Amanda (Boots) and Mark's story is well written and they have a strong connection and sweet moments. Boots is the maid of honor for her cousin Liv at her wedding in South Africa to the Brightside's lead singer, Berkeley. Mark is the bass player and Berkeley's best man. It's sort of a clichéd theme, but it works well here. Boots is a doctor hoping for a residency in plastic surgery and she's really driven to succeed in her chosen field. You would think a relationship between an intense, driven doctor and a rock star wouldn't even be an option, but it's precisely why it is so good. Opposites attract and all that.

  • Thomas G - Immediately felt comfortable and after wearing them in various terrains in Appalachia ...

    Immediately felt comfortable and after wearing them in various terrains in Appalachia for 10 hours a day 6 days a week for a month they still provide great comfort.

  • Matthew Baillie - Great, all-around entertainment powerhouse.

    I am enjoying this product very much. I prefer this to the PS4 because it is an all around entertainment hub and not just a game console. If you're a hardcore gamer then you may not need these capabilities and the PS4's pros and cons would be a better fit for you. They have updated the console and it's features several times since its launch so they worked out the initial kinks pretty well. I use the voice controls often for tasks and navigation and they work pretty well for the most part except when there is a lot of background noise. I haven't used the motion controls for games that much but I can tell that it has improved a whole lot from the 360s Kinect. Some apps don't function all that well but I think that that is probably across all consoles due to their poor development and implementation. I highly recommend getting the Xbox One Media Remote if you use any streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video. I also highly recommend reading reviews for games post-release before buying them. There have been a number of hyped up games that didn't turn out to be very good when they came out.