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Home Remedies for Asthma - Treat Asthma at Home - Tested home remedies for asthma that we've used to heal ourselves and breathe better, including simple breathing techniques and lifestyle and diet choices.

  • http://www.treatasthmaathome.com/a-little-buteyko-breathing-goes-a-long-way/ A Little Buteyko Breathing Goes a Long Way - Treat Asthma at Home - Buteyko brething didn't 'cure' my asthma, but it very quickly made my symptoms better, and it showed me that I have some control over my breathing.
  • http://www.treatasthmaathome.com/best-diet-for-asthma-including-3-asthma-superfoods/ Best Diet for Asthma (Including 3 Asthma Superfoods!) - Treat Asthma at Home - A diet for asthma rich in ant-inflammatory, antioxidant rich foods is also good for overall health. These 3 foods are also proven to help treat symptoms.
  • http://www.treatasthmaathome.com/top-5-reasons-to-try-buteyko/ Top 5 Reasons to Try Buteyko - Treat Asthma at Home - The word 'life-changing' is often overused, but we mean it. The Buteyko method really did change our lives. Here's how.
  • http://www.treatasthmaathome.com/about-us/ About Us - Treat Asthma at Home - We're a husband-and-wife duo on a mission to explore effective natural remedies for asthma, and create an online community to share ideas and stories.
  • http://www.treatasthmaathome.com/are-you-over-breathing/ Are You Over-Breathing? - Treat Asthma at Home - Explore the concept of over-breathing, a key principle of the Buteyko method. Learning to breathe less, and to breathe more calmly, can help treat asthma.
  • http://www.treatasthmaathome.com/cheap-nasal-strips-more-for-asthmatics-on-a-budget/ Cheap Nasal Strips & More for Asthmatics on a Budget - Treat Asthma at Home - If you're on a budget like we are, these DIY cheap nasal strips and nasal dilators will keep you decongested without resorting to medicated nasal spray
  • http://www.treatasthmaathome.com/how-to-journal-for-asthma-management/ How to Journal for Asthma Management - Treat Asthma at Home - Keeping a journal is crucial for asthma management. It helps track alternative treatments, and it's proven to reduce symptoms, too. Here's how to start.
  • http://www.treatasthmaathome.com/3-side-effects-of-ventolin-abuse/ 3 Side Effects of Ventolin Abuse - Treat Asthma at Home - Overusing my ventolin rescue inhaler leads to a cycle of abuse and dependence. Thankfully these side effects of ventolin abuse are easy to overcome.
  • http://www.treatasthmaathome.com/our-favorite-asthma-videos-on-youtube/ My Favorite Asthma Videos on Youtube - Treat Asthma at Home - These easy and accessible asthma videos have helped me get a handle on my asthma symptoms. Plus they're fun!

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