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Welcome to Trailriders Mountain Bike Rental and shop in the Ballyhoura Mountains in Co. Limerick, Cork, Munster - Trailriders Mountain Bike Rental is based at the trailhead of the 92km Ballyhoura Bike Trails in Ardpatrick, Co. Limerick, and Co. Cork. Established in 2007, our core business is bike rental and we offer a professional and friendly service as seen on RTE NATIONWIDE, NO FRONTIERS, TRACKS AND TRAILS.and most recently RTEs AT YOUR SERVICE

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  • lil b - to expensive & poor tasting recipes

    Great information on sugar and the effects it has on your body. You realize the addiction you may have with sugar. With that said its ridiculously expensive to buy all the vitamins and ingredient's. The recipes are horrible! You can barley swallow some of them. If it doesn't taste good you can't stick to it. Dr. Oz shows ways to eat healthier and still have it taste good, something you can stick with. I paid full price the day this book came out and should have waited to read reviews. This is not for the every day average folks as you will spend over 300.00!!!. Save your money and buy a diabetic book and a healthy recipe book with recipes you may actually enjoy.

  • Jonathan Scislow - Good coin book, but missing territories.

    A good book, but it doesn't have the territories. I expected it to have slots for everything after the states.

  • Mom of 2 - This stuff really works (at least for me)

    Let me just say, I have tried almost everything (only OTC) and each affect feels like I've been fighting a grizzly bear all night when I wake up. At times when I was desperate, I took NYQUIL cause I knew it was going to get me a restful night's sleep. Then BAM! the commerical (they heard my prayers)! I quickly rushed out to buy the liquid formula (2 bottles) and I have been hooked every since. Since I have taking ZzzQuil, I have taken the disclaimer to heart as being NON HABIT FORMING, I will be honest and say I cannot sleep without it. I do not suffer from insomnia, I just LOVE the way it keeps you SOUND, I mean SOUND asleep all night. I have found myself in the same position all night and woke up REFRESHED! I have heard that it does not work for everyone. But I will say this product will forever be in my medicine cabinet for the rest of my life.