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HIPAA & OSHA Training | Infection Control | TMC Total Medical Compliance - Total Medical Compliance provides affordable HIPAA training, OSHA training, and Infection Control programs for medical & dental practices.

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  • http://www.totalmedicalcompliance.com/sds-compliance/ SDS Program | Total Medical Compliance | OSHA Compliance Total Medical Compliance - Our electronic SDS program takes the work out of preparing and maintaining the OSHA required eSDS Manual for your office.
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  • http://www.totalmedicalcompliance.com/product/preparing-hipaa-audit/ HIPAA Audit |¬†HIPAA Compliance Training | TMC Total Medical Compliance - This webinar helps you prepare for a HIPAA audit by reviewing the audit process and providing strategies to ensure HIPAA compliance.
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  • http://www.totalmedicalcompliance.com/infection-control/ Infection Control Program | Total Medical Compliance Total Medical Compliance - The Total Medical Compliance Infection Control Program was developed for medical or dental practices wanting to reduce their risk for infection.

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  • edward gannon - Dome cracks

    The NuWave oven cooks great but the dome is very cheaply made and cracks. After being on hold for 30 minutes their customer service representative told me that in order to get a new one under warranty I would have to pay shipping and handling for the new dome. I also was informed that because I did not buy the oven from them I would have to provide a purchase receipt even after having registered the product with them at time of purchase.

  • B. Warrick - When can we women expect a binder suitable for our men?

    You know, I wasn't gonna mention this, since I am really one of those submissive, barefoot and pregnant type women who tries hard to be as much a wallflower as possible, standing in the shadows of my husband when I am not tending to my dressage horses and supervising the squadron of household servants ever at my beck and call (they are so *needy* - relying on me for EVERYTHING! But I digress...). However, in recent days I am becoming increasingly concerned about the utter and complete lack of binders carried by Amazon that we women can purchase and use to catalog, organize, and sort our men.

  • aressaress - Mount not manufactured well enough to keep tv straight when pulled out in different directions

    After I installed this articulating mount I found, after numerous frustrating adjustments, that the tv could not be kept level when it was moved in various directions. For example, if the tv was perfectly level when pulled straight out, when moved all the way to the right it tilted to the right by 3/4 inch, and when moved all the way to the left it tilted to the left by 3/4 inch, for a total difference of 1 1/2 inches.

  • JusticeJ - Exactly what I was looking for

    I was shopping for a well padded camera bag insert I could use with multiple bags. The Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Insert is exactly what I wanted. I purchased the small, it's made to fit with the classic messenger but I use it with my medium Timbuk2 Parcel Tote and it fits perfectly with room to spare. It's well made, like all Timbuk2 products, with moveable velcro padding. I can fit my Canon DSLR with 18-200 attached, my 70-300 lens, and there's room for an additional lens or perhaps another camera body with some creative monovering. The best part is that I can store my camera equipment in the insert bag while I use my tote bag for other things. I highly recommend this product if you're look for an camera insert.