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Welcome to Topricin - Pain Relief Guaranteed - Patented for Neuropathy - Welcome to Topricin. Natural Pain Relief Creams Patented for Neuropathy. Makers of MyPainAway Fibro Cream and more. Extra-Strength Pain Relief Fast. Order Now

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  • Dennis Demessianos - An improvement over the stock electronics

    I bought this to replace a kit I had in service for two years that began to cause problems. Once installed this resolved the issues and continues to function normally.

  • Deborah - Incredibly all natural facial mask. Best ever made.

    Since I've been getting monthly facials and the spa uses this line of products I found myself running low right before my vacation so I quick purchased a tube from Amazon. You do not have to have acne to use this. It's a wonderful all natural clay mask that I use twice daily. I have combination skin that is prone to small white heads during hot summer months here in Coastal SC when I find I'm using sunscreen & sweating. Since I've been using this product (8 months) my skin has improved dramatically I highly recommend this product for anyone, any age. This can be used even for spot treatments & left on over night.

  • Angela - I'm Sold!

    For years I've mopped my floors by hand, but I've also always lived in 1200 sq feet or less sized homes. Our new home has a large kitchen area, plus double if not triple the amount of tile flooring area to wash. We also have two dogs that love to go in an out as often as we'll let them. So I bought this tool to be a helper for in between being able to was by hand. I tried it first on the bathroom floor. Afterward, I wiped the floor with a white terry cloth towel to wiped up the extra moisture and to avoid potential streaks - then I looked at the cloth. It was still white just a slight hue of off white, which meant a little soil left behind, but I was still impressed. Then on to the next bathroom. I thought more soil would be left behind in this room because it has a litter box. BUT to my amazement the white cloth showed no sign of any soil left behind. It was cleaner than the first room. With that reality I was sold! I only wish the water tanks could hold a little more because my kitchen is that big. However, it took no real effort to empty and refill. We also like to walk around barefoot and there was no sticky residue felt. When my home is clean I'm happy. Now my knee pads can retire.

  • John Doe - HP 22" FTW

    A good modern PC monitor at a good price. I chose this model for several reasons - full HD resolution, non touch-screen (meaning it will stay clean), 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, the black color (I dont care for white/silver electronics), perfect size for my deskspace, IPS, its reasonable sub 100$ tag, LED Backlighting, Energy Star Certified, and of course the HDMI port!! That was a must have feature for me, as my PC also sports HDMI. This replaced a 20" LCD monitor (VGA) I have had since 2007.

  • David Crumm - Lots of comfortable, flexible fun for you, friends and family

    I'm a journalist who reports on new forms of media, primarily print, publishing and digital media, but I also do a lot of work covering film and television. I realize that I've been behind the curve on experiencing all the Virtual Reality 3D media that's popping up on our telephones these days. At this point, there are enough options out there to make this something that ordinary individuals and families are likely to enjoy.

  • Gary W. Parent - This is the best lub on the planet

    I have been using this product for over 15 years. Gread for hard to lub stuff and works great. Worth the money. Lasts a long time,

  • Kay-Daver - Use this product daily when I work and has been ...

    Use this product daily when I work and has been my mainstay for a few years now. I find the light is just a little too pink as I have very pink skin that gets pinker when it is hot outside or irritated, and I tend to chose foundation that neutralizes that. This doesn't add to the pink, but doesn't do much to help tone it down either.