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Board Certified TMJ & Sleep Apnea Dentist Oklahoma | TMJ-Pain.com - Craniofacial Pain Associates of Oklahoma offers board certified TMJ and Sleep Apnea dentist in Oklahoma. We offer real solutions to patients of all ages who suffer from TMJ Disorders, headaches and all types of facial pains and sleep disorders.

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  • Jessie Hawkins - Garbage.

    Pay the extra $6-thou and forget these lousy knock offs. To the manufacturer's credit, though, they shipped immediately upon reception of my first born child.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't buy it

    It was advertised that it works on veneers it didn't whiten at all. I was very disappointed. I used it as suggested

  • Amazon Customer - Bettet than I thought

    The product was amazing! I actually believe it's better than I thought it would be! I am definitely going to be purchasing more and best of all I get to use my $2 off that was sent in the mail with my free box of hair dye!! Oh and it wasn't even a sample size it was actually the normal size box that is purchased from the store! Clairol natural instincts is the best!

  • Jcraig3k - Best screen protector I've ever used.

    So, admittedly, this is my first glass screen protector so my sheer amazement with this product may be affected with an overall superiority of glass to plastic but still, wow. The package included all the necessary tools for a perfect installation. Including a blue sheet of plastic film used specifically to try to static cling any dust off your screen before applying the glass. Putting the screen protector itself on could not have been any easier. Usually I spend the majority of screen saver installation pushing air bubbles out of the way but this one didn't have a single bubble. Once I got it set it and it began to settle in, all the air just kind of showed itself out and the protector was solid. It feels great on the device and does not affect the touch screen at all.

  • jellybean - Best book I've read in years!

    This is the most engaging book I have read in years, it held my interest from the first page until the last! I looked forward to reading more each day and am missing it now that I am finished. I only wish the author had other books for me to read!