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  • Amazon Customer - It was like not using anything

    I used the last application of Frontline on my Bichon June 1st and he was flea free all month, I took him to be groomed first week of July and applied the Seresto collar when he got home. Now, only 3 weeks in he has started scratching and when I checked he is loaded with juvenile fleas! Now I have to scrub him and purchase more treatment as well as fog all the bedding.

  • Amazon Customer - Hands Free Indeed

    Hands Free - Far better that any alternative. First I read most love it, some hate it. If you have an injury, and need to heal, NOTHING will speed that up, or solve all your issues. But if you have had, or are currently are having issues using crutches, wow, this thing is great. I bought it for my wife, who just had sugury. She cannot put weight on her foot for a few more weeks, has used crutches, used them the first day, and already had pain, hated them once again. I made her watch the online training videos first before I ordered it. She thought it looked worth a shot, and crutches were not good option, neither was a walker, or the 4 wheeled scooter you kneel on. So it came the day she got out of the hospital. Watching the videos, rather than reading the booklet that came with it, made assembly and adjustment easy, for me that is, I am sure many people are just not technical or mechanical, but I found the videos excellent. I made her watch the adjustment video and practice video, multiple times. Well done. The day after surgury, already frustrated with crutches, she gave it a try. I made the inital adjustments for her, then she played with fine tuning it all day, and practiced getting in and out of it. Sure is doesnt take 5 seconds, like picking up a crutch, but she has it down to less than a minute, in or out. Right from the start she loved it. She rapidly got proficient with it, and it has given a far better quality to her mobility now than any of the alternatives. Look, the bottom line is not everyone has the patience or aptitude to learn something new, but this was worth a shot, and I am glad I found it. She goes to see her surgeon in a week. I showed him pictures in the hospital post op. He really wants to see it, when he sees her in a week. He just went through a broken ankle himself, and thought it look inovative. I will update this with his comments later. But thus far, excellent.

  • Amazon Customer - This is a good intro... but it's just that - an intro

    Having gone through this book, I don't feel that it was much help. It gives "tricks" for the math part, but does not include a review of all math topics on the GRE. The ETS free math review for the GRE gives a much better review of all math topics in detail. I'm not generally a fan of using ETS materials for ETS tests, but their free math review is very good.

  • Furbina1 - Horrible taste!

    My son who is 14 can't stand the taste of these vitamins! We play a game every morning, where he hides them and I end up finding them somewhere in the house later that day. I wish that the taste was better!

  • Bob Weil - Don't buy this and change your mind and try to ...

    Don't buy this and change your mind and try to remove. When I removed it it slowed my machine to the point I reformatted the hard drive. Avast is from (from Amazon) and works really well on Windows 7.