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The Tanning Blog - All about tanning and healthy UV-exposure - The Tanning Blog - All you need to know about healthy tanning and how to use indoor tanning sunbeds to get your vitamin D.

  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/about/ About - The Tanning Blog - Hello tanners!  I am Karl Göran Olsson, the "Guru" behind this blog, a dedicated promoter of healthy tanning for vitaminD. You can read my biography HERE a
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/secrets-of-uv-light-for-healthy-tanning/ Secrets of UV-light for Healthy Tanning - The Tanning Blog - UV-light For Healthy Tanning. Most experts get this wrong. Authorities don’t take it into account when they make regulations. Dermatologists and manufacture ...
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/vitamin-d-research-info/ Vitamin D Research Info - The Tanning Blog - Get the latest information about vitamin D research from vitamin D Wiki, vitamin D council and pubMed and other official sources of vitamin D research.
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/healthy-sun-exposure/uv-doping-scandal-targets-russia/ "UV-Doping" - A New Scandal Targets Russian Use of UV-Exposure - The Tanning Blog - A shocking report published today reveals the details of another allegation of an official doping program with UV-Doping in Russia.
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/red-light-therapy-tanning/red-light-therapy-tanning-lamp-skyrocketed-vitamin-d-level/ This Red Light Therapy Tanning Lamp Skyrocketed My Vitamin D Level - The Tanning Blog - Red Light Therapy Tanning is the future of indoor tanning. A rejuvenating, soft but long-lasting, tan and, with the right kind of lamp, also vitamin D
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/tanning-inventions/inventor-tanning-lamp-nominated-nobel-prize/ Inventor of the Tanning Lamp Nominated for the Nobel Prize - The Tanning Blog - Leaked information from the Nobel Prize Committee - the inventor of the Tanning Lamp is among the nominees for 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/tanning-regulations-2/consumer-association-france-calling-ban-sunbeds/ Consumer Association in France Calling For Ban Of Sunbeds - The Tanning Blog - Could France be the next country after Brazil and Australia to ban sunbeds? The campaign against use of sunbeds is intensifying and entering ...
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/healthy-sun-exposure/vitamin-experts-speak-sunlight-sunbeds/ Vitamin D experts speak about vitamin D from sunlight and sunbeds - Leading experts on vitamin D answer 6 questions about vitamin D from sunlight and sunbeds. Video and transcripts of their answers regarding indoor tanning.
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/trending-tanning-topics/trending-tanning-topics-lose-weight-have-heart-avoid-the-sun-false-facts-fs-expo-kona-goes-paraben-free/ Trending Tanning Topics: Lose Weight - Have Heart - Avoid The Sun - False Facts - FS Expo - Kona Goes Paraben-Free - The Tanning Blog - The Tanning Guru presents this weeks' trending tanning topics: Positive research from the excellent Edinburgh University and negativism from cave groups in Australia and the USA.
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/tanning-regulations-2/sunsmart-stupid-sunbed-ban-australia/ The Sunbed Ban in Australia - When SunSmart Gets Stupid - The Tanning Blog - The sunbed ban in Australia - SunSmartness gets STUPID! Find out how two big lies and a Cave Woman make people in Australia sick by the tanning bed ban.
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/vitamin-d/obama-lacks-vitamin-sunbed-white-house-supplements/ Obama Lacks Vitamin D - A Sunbed in the White House Would Be Better Than Taking Supplements - The Tanning Blog - The President’s Periodic Physical Exam shows that President Obama has a "mild Vitamin D deficiency". President Obama's level of Vitamin D was 22.9 (ng/ml) ...
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/tanning-regulations-2/fda-reduce-risk-melanoma-rules-sunbeds-big-risk-indoor-tanning-reality/ FDA wants to reduce the risk of melanoma and makes new rules for sunbeds but how big is the risk of indoor tanning in reality? - The Tanning Blog - How big is the risk of indoor tanning? The new rules from FDA about sunbeds are wrong and based upon fiction and PR, not facts. Get REAL about sunbeds!
  • http://www.thetanningguru.com/sun-scare/sunshine-russia-bilderberg-group/ Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg group - The Tanning Blog - How are Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg group connected? The Western mainstream media are vilifying both sunshine and Russia. Without any real proof ...

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  • J. Delgado - tastes great, I use it in smoothies and make desserts ...

    I bought the vanilla! tastes great, I use it in smoothies and make desserts with it. It's the only one that I could find that's low calorie, high in protein and Zero Carbs! The only downside is that you can only get it online, I wish I could pick it up in a store. I will definitely purchase again!

  • Shawn P. - Have been taking this for two months.. Have ...

    Have been taking this for two months.. Have lost almost 20 lbs and my energy is out the roof. I looove this and def will continue taking it!!!!!!

  • Lance Wiggs - Yes! But wait. It cannot be

    This is it. The cable I need to complete my music system. I've spent 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and yet there remained that eight foot gap, that weakest link.

  • RavenClaw - product works

    read all instructions and this product will work if it does not burn your skin. However try it on a small area of skin before using this in a large area to see if you have a bad reaction to this product.