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Medical Breast Thermography - Thermography is a non invasive, no compression early warning screening test for breast cancer & total woman's health.

  • http://www.thermographyclinic.com/thermography/breast Breast - With no cure for breast cancer in sight, everyone agrees that early detection is crucial.
  • http://www.thermographyclinic.com/thermography/dental-oral Dental / Oral - The IR imaging procedure provided enormous information about the physiological processes through examining the temperature of the facial area
  • http://www.thermographyclinic.com/about-the-company/company-profile Company Profile - The Thermography Clinic mission is to bring non-invasive imaging technology to the forefront of health care and to impact breast cancer statistics globally.
  • http://www.thermographyclinic.com/about-the-company/our-vision Our Vision - We are a team comprised of dedicated health care providers, technologists and visionaries who understand that risk assessment and prevention is the key to providing quality care.

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  • Earnest M. Marshall - compatible excellent service.

    installed on 2004 Dodge ram all mounting hardware and electrical connections were ,compatible excellent service.

  • John (Michigan) - Great for truck seats and shoes

    I use this on my truck cloth seats, usually doing a light coat every spring. After 4 years, I have yet to see a spot on seats. It is easy to apply and drys quick. I put on a coat in the morning and let sit all day and overnight, cracking the windows in the day. I apply in warmer weather, and let the truck sit out in the sun to aid in drying and ventilation. Next day there is no noticeable odor, and seats are dry and looking just like the day I took delivery. I had not treated my previous truck seats and every bit of water showed if you had a beverage that was beading up even the water spots would not come out. I also use on new shoes, boots and it seems to help keep them looking cleaner and offers a bit of extra water resistance. Great product. It can be used after properly cleaning your car/truck seats just as well, just make sure to let the cleaning products dry out before applying.