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TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Welcome to the The Dentists Insurance Company. Be it health insurance, life insurance, or workers’ compensation, we offer plans by the nation’s top carriers. What’s more, because we have strength in numbers, we’re often able to offer multiple carriers as well as negotiate lower rates or better benefits than what you’ll find on the open market.

  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/Products/Get-a-Quote Get a Quote | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Use the quick links below to request a no-obligation quote for any of the products offered through TDIC and our insurance agency, TDIC Insurance Solutions.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/file-claim File a Claim | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - When it’s time to report a claim, you want to take care of it quickly and efficiently so you can return focus to patient care.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/Contact-Us Contact Us | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Please call a helpful TDIC member service representative if you ever need assistance with any aspect of your policy. For your convenience, you may also call carriers directly.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/Products Products | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - You've built a practice as exceptional as you are. Now choose the optimum insurance to protect it. Here you'll find a list of options to better protect your business.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/products/professional-liability/ Professional Liability | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - TDIC Professional Liability insurance provides protection for legal obligations for injury due to acts or omissions in the rendering of professional services for licensed dentists, employees, partnerships and dental corporations.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/Products/Professional-Liability/PL-for-Volunteers PL for Volunteers | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - The Dentists Insurance Company is pleased to offer complimentary or reduced rate Professional Liability insurance coverage for volunteers assisting at events such as RAMs, Give Kids a Smile and other community-based clinics. To qualify, dental professionals must be licensed and offer services without remuneration other than actual expenses.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/products/professional-liability/pl-for-new-graduates/ PL for New Graduates | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - You've invested an enormous amount of time and resources into becoming a dentist. That's why it is important to protect your investments and your family's future.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/products/professional-liability/optimum-bundle/ Optimum Bundle | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - TDIC Optimum is a professional bundle of products designed to provide superior protection for your practice, as well as competitive multipolicy discounts to improve your bottom line. The more you bundle, the more you save.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/products/commercial-property/ Commercial Property | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - TDIC Property insurance offers comprehensive protection for your dental office, building and its contents. The TDIC policy is only sold as a multiline product with Professional Liability insurance.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/workers-compensation-tdic-the-dentists-insurance-company Workers' Compensation | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Required by law if you have employees, TDIC Workers' Compensation provides medical care and compensation for lost income to employees hurt in workplace accidents.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/Products/Employment-Practices-Liability Employment Practices Liability | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPLI) pays for the defense costs, settlement and civil damages you might incur if an employee or applicant files an employment claim against you.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/health-tdic-the-dentists-insurance-company Health | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act transforming the landscape of the health care marketplace, TDIC is working to explore alternatives and determine the impact on its health care policyholders.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/products/disability/ Disability | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Provides you with a source of income when you are unable to work due to a covered injury or illness.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/products/disability/cda-members CDA Members - Provides you with a source of income when you are unable to work due to a covered injury or illness. Disability protection, just for CDA members.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/Vision Vision | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - TDIC Insurance Solutions now offers vision care coverage directly through VSP.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/Products/Business-Overhead-Expense Business Overhead Expense | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Provides the essential funds needed to operate your practice should you become completely disabled. Most standard fixed expenses customary to your practice are covered.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/affinity-products-tdic-the-dentists-insurance-company Affinity Products | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Lockton Affinity services and manages all group products – including life, accidental death and dismemberment, disability, business overhead expense and hospital indemnity policies – as well as individual life and long-term care policies.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/Products/Become-a-TDIC-Policyholder Become a TDIC Policyholder | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Ready to become a TDIC policyholder? Complete the application for your chosen coverage. A TDIC representative will contact you soon to review your coverage options.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/about-us About Us | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - The three promises we made 30 years ago when we started TDIC are still true today: to only protect dentists, to protect them better than any other insurance company and to be there when they need us. Discover for yourself why more than 18,000 dentists choose TDIC coverage.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/risk-management/ Risk Management | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - While you are busy with patients, TDIC is working behind the scenes to provide you with resources to protect both your practice and profession. At The Dentists Insurance Company (TDIC), protecting dentists is all they do.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/reference-guides Reference Guides | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Whether you’re leasing property or employing assistants, knowing how to protect yourself and your practice from risk is literally priceless. So, we’ve made it easy to gain insight and learn best practices on a variety of dentistry-specific topics.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/liability-lifeline Liability Lifeline | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - This quarterly publication, available to TDIC policyholders, features articles on the latest risk management issues impacting dentists and steps to mitigate their influence. It also includes real questions from your peers received through TDIC’s Advice Line with thoughtful answers from our experts.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/risk-management/rm-matters/ RM Matters | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - This monthly article series is shared online and in select dental publications. Each article explores a single developing topic in risk management.
  • http://www.tdicinsurance.com/advice-line Advice Line | TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) - Receive complimentary, one-on-one assistance through our Risk Management Advice Line. Our experienced staff addresses questions and concerns about potential claims stemming from patient or employee situations.

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