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Tara Lohia - Leading distributor & supplier of anti-cancer drugs, geftinat, iressa, veenat, hiv aids drugs, ayurvedic medicines, women health care products - Authorized distributor and supplier of anti-cancer drugs, hiv aids, geftinat, iressa, ayurvedic medicines, women health care products to different hospitals, retailers, whole sellers and also to the patients directly under valid drug license issued by Drugs Control Department Govt.We export pharmaceutical products manufactured by reputed Indian and multinational companies under WHO GMP Certification.

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  • Neopan - and other companies are gonna eat up their customers like candy. I'm just joining the other reviews on ...

    Photoshop USED to be the name at the top for digital art, but they've failed EPICALLY with this membership program, and other companies are gonna eat up their customers like candy. I'm just joining the other reviews on here to say NO WAY will I give my money for this ridiculous cash grab.

  • Tiffanie Rector - Fits and works but cheap quality

    Mediocre. Kit is cheap and broke when removing to change some wires. Unfortunately only option I can fint but at less than $10 if you install it once it works good, jsut dont expect the tabs to not break.

  • Jeronimo R Bedia - PDP hardware is junk!

    Drums disconnect during gameplay. Contacted customer support gave me instructions on how to pair a controller even though I clearly let them know it was disconnecting during gameplay. Still waiting on next tier support to call and see if they're going to replace them. A waste of preordering since it's been nearly a week and the drums are in playable. Harmonix should go back to their previous manufacture, PDP is junk and their customer service is terrible.

  • B. Cox - Love my 2016 White Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk V6 (decked out 4x4)!

    I've had my white V6 Jeep Cherokee for over two months now and I love this vehicle. One of the best and most fun vehicles I ever owned. It literally has almost every available option. Comfortable and nice looking leather interior; the uConnect system with Navigation works extremely well as does the bluetooth. The cabin interior is quiet and bluetooth phone calls works very well and everyone tells me I no longer sound like I'm talking from inside a can. Fast! 4 stars now, only because I give pause as to whether anything will break in the coming year ,etc. as well as the gas mileage which I wish was a bit better.