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Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - We are Perth\'s Corporate Massage specialists! TakeASeat\'s professional team leads the way in corporate health, event & onsite massage.

  • http://www.takeaseatwa.com.au/-Profile-.html Profile - Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - TakeASeat has a very friendly and professional team of fully qualified and insured therapists
  • http://www.takeaseatwa.com.au/-Massage-.html Massage - Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - Do you sit at your computer and dream of a relaxing massage? Is your stiff neck giving you headaches? Do you feel stressed and can’t sleep? Do you have sore shoulders?
  • http://www.takeaseatwa.com.au/-Massage-at-Home-.html Massage at Home - Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - Perth! You don’t even need to leave your house, we’ll come to you with massage table/ massage chair, towels, creams/oils and/or foot spas. You don’t have to do anything other than pick up the phone and we’ll be there.
  • http://www.takeaseatwa.com.au/-Event-Massage-.html Events - Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - TakeASeat has experience in servicing many events. No matter what the event (big sporting events, music festivals, expo’s, circuses etc), TakeASeat can provide therapeutic or relaxing massages on chair and/or table. All our therapists are highly qualified and experienced. We can be part of your corporate marquee at a sporting event or you can use us to attract clients to your event or stall.

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 115.899 Western Australia, Australia

  • JAMES J. DIGNUM - Excellent Printer

    After reading the reviews I was a bit worried to order this product, but with the way my clients use their equipment a low cost printer was ideal. Firstly I didn't even use the CD or manual. Any tech who knows their way around a computer can install this in seconds. After plugging in the Unit I was able to set this specific printer up with Windows Generic/Text driver and switched the paper type to A3. With this set everything was working completely fine. Clients are now alot happier after going to these thermal printer as oppose to older serial Epsons.

  • Patti Golliher - Liprozen has changed my life

    I decided to take a chance and try this product. I didn't expect much but I have been pleased with the results. I had been trying to workout and just had a hard time getting motivated. Since I've been taking Liprozen I've been so happy with the results; that I now go to the gym 5-6 days a week. Also my blood sugar levels have decreased, my doctor has been trying for months to lower my levels. I have so much more will power to pass on junk food; I was a huge junk food junkie. I was looking at having to go on insulin. I don't have any of the side effects people speak of.