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  • Timoy M. - ... phones because you will have to stand the loss like I did

    Don't buy these phones because you will have to stand the loss like I did. I purchase this phone in July and when I returned home and start using the phone overheated and burnt the screen. I payee 400 USD to get it fixed and it still haven't fix properly and all Amazon did was sent me $150 for my troubles! I had a loss. I'm out of the country and not returning until May. My business with Amazon with Electronics are DONE! Even after fix there are two shades of light in the phone and the technician said it's a software problem. He said I should contact Samsung. I just gave up on everything.

  • Fred - It is far more than just vitamins

    I've bought and used this stuff for some time. However, I went and looked at the users who have rated this poorly here and am astounding with the comments. The most common: "It tasted bad". Well duh, it's not a fruit drink. "It didn't give me energy". Well duh, it's NOT speed. "It was very expensive for vitamins". And here's the crux, it is not just vitamins. This is a also an amino acid blend with a boat load of trace minerals that you don't get in any other supplements. That's why this is expensive. It's the trace minerals. And finally, I see comments that Joel Wallach is a quack and not a real doctor; that he's just a veterinarian. He has degrees in animal husbandry, agriculture, is a veterinarian, and says hes degreed from a Naturopathic school. That's more education than 99.99% of you people LOL. so yeah, go ahead back to your fluoride water, your BPA and hormone additives, your antibiotic tainted meats... I'll stick with Wallach's supplement before I stick with any of your diets.

  • Amazon Customer - Great deal for the price!

    I chose this product because it has a solid cast iron top is light weight and has four temperature settings. It has performed as expected, I am pleased with its performance. It is a good value for its price.

  • Ryan Sterling - Really good product, especially at the inexpensive price. Most importantly they stay in ears.

    Incredibly easy setup process. Pairing works automatically every time after first pairing. Sound is good, controls on the volume bar work well and bluetooth does not drop out even at somewhat further distances than recommended. Earbuds stay secure in ear even with heavy activity which is rare for me. Usually even properly fitted earbuds fall out pretty easily but these seem to lock in place better than most. Would definitely buy again.

  • Betty Boop - So-So...

    This product smells sort of like a summer rain or tropical fruit trees. I can't really put my finger on that scent. It smells pretty good though.

  • Catharine J. Square - Good Product

    This is a good tooth whiting toothpaste. I makes my mouth feel clean and fresh. My teeth do look whiter but not as white as I thought considering the advertising. I will use it another week and see how much whiter my teeth become.