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  • Amazon Customer - i like them no side affects that noticeable yet hope my ...

    yes,i'm taking the hair vitamins,i like them no side affects that noticeable yet hope my hair improve with continued use.[ appreciate the shipment.

  • Sharon J - This product is great for polishing your nails without the worry of spilling ...

    This product is great for polishing your nails without the worry of spilling the polish bottle. This product is ideal when the availability of a flat surface to hold your polish isn't available. Tweexy keeps the bottle accessible and makes it very easy to coat the brush from any angle without the fear of spilling. It also helps to provide control as you polish, especially for the "odd" hand. Only negative for me, I have very small hands/short fingers, and the Tweexy with the bottle of polish is quite tall. I have to really adjust my hand to reach the nails over the bottle to see what I am doing. Otherwise, great innovative product and the price is fair.

  • jjswan33 - Great bike for this price.

    For the price of the bike the features are great. I wanted the disc brakes and the higher end components. The shifters could be better.

  • Lenny Mullins - So Frustrating!

    This software was so frustrating to use! I paid the fee, upfront, to get access and enter all my info, with the intent to file online. But, I ended up doing a manual return and losing out on the fee I'd paid because the program was too time consuming and frustrating. First, you can't get a look at the 'big picture,' as you fill out the forms. You can only see the Taxact pages, with their boxes for entries. If you want to preview a pdf of the whole form, as you go, you have to pay extra. Second, it would timeout and log me off, again and again, even though a pop up would appear and let me say that I wanted to stay logged on. Then, I'd have to go back to the beginning. which was the worst part, because about half the time it would drop my info and give me all blank screens. The first time that happened, I emailed for support, but I never received a reply. At the end, you can get a pdf of the completed 1040, but not of any of the schedules - again. that's an extra fee. I finally got so annoyed and spent so much time that I just deleted my entries and filed without any software. I would not recommend Taxact!

  • 44Roger - Great option

    I chose this for the price - not cheap but much better than any other options. I was pleasantly surprised that it fits perfectly on our 2008 Highlander, and seems similar to racks we had on our 2001. I use it for ladders and a canoe. When I put it on I was afraid some of the trim pieces were not a perfect fit and would fall off, but they have held on just fine. The only problem is the plastic heads on the knobs that secure the crossbars have come off under heavy use.

  • K. Kenyon - Wont even activate!

    Tried to activate multiple times without luck. Freedompop CSR an I go back and forth online without results. Support ticked escalated stating they will let me know when resolved! WHAT?!?! Let me know? This is a brand new device that will not activate. How about replacing it. Terrible customer service DO NOT BUY

  • K.E. - Last set of knives you will buy, made in U.S.A.!!!

    Best knives i have ever had!!! Seriously the last set of knives i will ever buy. Not to mention it is made in the U.S.A.!!!