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Cold sore treatments from SoreFix - leading lip balm - Find out more about living with cold sores and the best cold sore treatments from SoreFix, an effective over-the-counter balm

  • https://www.sorefix.co.uk/what-is-a-coldsore/ What is a cold sore? Advice from SoreFix - Get advice from Sorefix on everything you need to know about cold sores, or fever blisters, from cold sore symptoms to stages and treatments. 
  • https://www.sorefix.co.uk/living-with-a-cold-sore/ SoreFix advice on living with a cold sore - Find out how to treat and prevent cold sores, with Sorefix advice on common triggers for cold sores, and which cold sore treatments work.
  • https://www.sorefix.co.uk/faq/ FAQs about SoreFix cold sore balm and its uses - Get the lowdown on the best cold sore remedy and FAQs about SoreFix, the revolutionary cold sore balm - a fast way to get rid of cold sores.
  • https://www.sorefix.co.uk/where-to-buy/ Where to buy SoreFix cold sore treatments - SoreFix works at any stage, helping to prevent a cold sore or treat lip blisters, burning and itching. Find out where to buy SoreFix cold sore treatments.
  • https://www.sorefix.co.uk/contact/ Contact SoreFix cold sore balm - Contact SoreFix for more information about treating cold sores, cold sore stages or where to buy cold sore balm remedies.
  • https://www.sorefix.co.uk/buysorefix/ Buy SoreFix Tube (6ml) cold sore treatment - Buy over-the-counter cold sore remedies like SoreFix tube, an effective balm that relieves itching, burning and blisters on lips.

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  • mystery lover-Pat - Give this a try......

    Took a chance on this and have been using for 2 weeks and already see a big difference. My Nails are clearing up, my 2 big toe nails, they were painful at times, but no pain since I started using this and Happy Feet socks. It does smell bad, but reasonable price and easy to use and best of all looks like it will do the job. Will try to update in another few weeks.


    My computer security of choice. I've had Kapersky & MaCavee and hated them both. I will not use anything else now. Boot-up time was slower with those other brands. Norton is more user friendly, easy to set up and maintain, and it's reliable. Use it on all our desktops & laptops.

  • suburbanzookeeper - ... thrilled as cord cutters that this box has been easy to use

    We're more than thrilled as cord cutters that this box has been easy to use, easy to work with, and is significantly easier than our "unlocked stick." I wish we had cut the cord earlier!

  • Gator - Overpriced, with very misleading marketing

    Despite of what Cutco sales reps and marketing may claim in their statements, the reality is that Cutco knives are severely overpriced and their price/performance ration is plain horrible.

  • KymmLisa - Just ordered another bottle!

    After having skin cancer twice, from baking myself in the sun all my like, I've learned my lesson and switched to sunless tanners. I must have tried 10-15 different brands in the last two years! They all either smelled really bad, looked orange, or made a huge mess and transferred onto my clothing for days!! Then I tried Tan Physics after reading it was rated #1 by one of the beauty magazine I read. When it came I was hesitant to put it on, so it sat on my counter for a few days then I tried it and WOW this goes on just like lotion, you can see where it's going on, there are no streaks, no orange color and no transfer onto my clothing! Believe me if you want to try a self tanner, this is it!!