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SBDR - Society for Biomedical Diabetes Research - The Society for Biomedical Diabetes Research (SBDR) is dedicated to the advancement of biomedical science as it relates to diabetes. The SBDR attends to the progress of biomedical science by publishing the international journal The Review of Diabetic Studies and supporting the Diabetes Open Directory (DOD) for accumulation and exchange of scientific biomedical information.

  • https://www.soc-bdr.org/content/mission/ Finding a Cure for Diabetes - With the goal of finding a cure for diabetes, the society has determined three major subject fields in which research will be supported and promoted
  • https://www.soc-bdr.org/content/rds/ The Review of Diabetic Studies - The Review of Diabetic Studies (RDS) is the society's peer-reviewed journal published quarterly. The purpose of The RDS is to support and encourage research in biomedical diabetes-related science including areas such as endocrinology, immunology, epidemiology, genetics, cell-based research, developmental research, bioengineering and disease management. The journal publishes original manuscripts on laboratory research, clinical and empirical studies, case and conference reports as well as review and theoretical articles and offers an open forum for immediate discussion of recent advancements by letters and comments.
  • https://www.soc-bdr.org/content/authors/ For Authors - Information for authors of <b>The Review of Diabetic Research</b> (RDS). The RDS welcomes unsolicited and original manuscripts, which may be considered for publication.

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