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Looking For SMP Clinics? Be SUPER CAREFUL!!! - Find the best SMP clinics near you. Learn why some SMP clinics should be avoided at all costs and why other smp clinics are worth considering.

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  • J. Foster - Waste of money, regret my purchase

    Very disappointed with this purchase and would give it zero stars if I could. Like many Turbo Tax users, I wasn't happy with their recent changes so I figured I'd try TaxAct. I first downloaded the free version to see how it worked. Once I was satisfied with that, I purchased, downloaded, and installed the "Ultimate Bundle" which seemed to work until I tried to download the state module which comes with this bundle. The TaxAct software thinks I'm still using the free version and won't let me download the state module unless I pay for it. I can't reach anyone on the phone (constant busy signal) to get help so I'm going back to TurboTax.

  • Carol Smyth - Xmas gift

    Xmas gift for two of our grandchildren and they love it. They have other Just Dance videos as well and now they have one more.

  • Cliffy - Good so far

    Just got it and applied...........AFTER reading the directions. Initially it turned my gray pavers Orange, causing me some consternation. However, the colour returned to normal after drying. 2 days post application and the mold seems to be retreating. The directions state that you may need to apply second coat. Will update post with results.

  • College Prof. - Threelac really helps fight the Candida

    Once you've identified Candida Albicans as the monster that is ruining your sinuses, you must monitor your environment to eliminate mold, and watch your diet carefully to avoid ALL yeast and fermented products. This is the road to recovery, but adding Threelac to your regimen daily really speeds up the healing process. I went from chronic debilitating sinus illness, punctuated with horrendous painful episodes of being unable to breathe, to a somewhat normal state of health in under two weeks with Threelac. Threelac seems to work with your immune system to overcome the Candida and helps your body resist the effects of environmental pollutants. Use Threelac and say goodbye to nasal inhailers, antihistamines, antibiotics. It's natural and it's safe.

  • Kevin Hansen - the taste was amazing, it tasted like the fruit punch I would ...

    A lot of BCAA's have are very similar as far as taste and performance go, and I usually don't get too excited about them. I started taking Myobuild 4x about a month ago and was really surprised. First of all, the taste was amazing, it tasted like the fruit punch I would drink as a kid. I took this towards the end or immediately after a heavy lifting day at the gym and not only was the taste amazing, but I always feel replenished. Also my muscles wouldn't be nearly as sore as the were before I started using Myobuild.

  • Teya Jax - Happy reformer owner!

    I love this reformer. just perfect for me! Use it everyday and multiple times a day. My family enjoys using it too! My reformer arrived in very good condition. Everything works out of the box. Very pleased with the product and vendor.

  • Cindy - Ive loved this for a long time

    I've been using this conditioner for a year. Shea butter during the fall and winter, Argan oil during the spring and summer. Works great for my hair and leaves my curls super defined and soft.