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| SIU HealthCare - Find an SIU HealthCare provider in central and southern Illinois. We are the clinical practice of SIU School of Medicine and a premier provider of patient health care services.

  • https://www.siuhealthcare.org/about-your-appointment.html About Your Appointment | SIU HealthCare - If you are a new patient to SIU HealthCare, please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. You will be asked to verify your legal name, address, telephone number, date of birth, social security number, employment and insurance information. You will need to bring the following with you to your appointment:
  • https://www.siuhealthcare.org/billing-and-insurance.html Billing and Insurance | SIU HealthCare - Please bring documentation of your primary and secondary insurance carriers with you to your appointment, including address and phone number. Due to the increasing number of plan restrictions from managed care companies, it is your responsibility to know and be able to provide:
  • https://www.siuhealthcare.org/online-patient-portal.html Online Patient Portal | SIU HealthCare - Not signed up yet? If you're not already signed up for an SIU patient portal, stop by your SIU physician office to verify your identity with photo ID with the receptionist. Once signed up, you will be able to:
  • https://www.siuhealthcare.org/careers.html Careers | SIU HealthCare - SIU HealthCare is the medical practice of SIU School of Medicine. SIU HealthCare is dedicated to delivering high-quality patient care through research and use of the newest medical treatments. With more than 250 providers practicing in primary and specialty care, SIU HealthCare serves patients throughout central and southern Illinois. SIU HealthCare is based in Springfield, Illinois with multiple regional sites over a 150-mile radius.
  • https://www.siuhealthcare.org/outreach-services.html Outreach Services | SIU HealthCare - SIU HealthCare provides convenient healthcare for residents in central and southern Illinois with our community outreach clinics and programs, both for patients and medical providers. View a list of clinics and communities we serve.
  • https://www.siuhealthcare.org/refer-patient.html Refer a Patient | SIU HealthCare - SIU HealthCare makes it easy for you to refer your patients. A referral can be made one of two ways: Call 217-545-8000 or toll free at 800-342-5748 (800-DIAL-SIU); or Download this referral form and fax the completed form to 217-545-1884. SIU HealthCare is committed to keeping you informed of your patients' care by providing reports, from diagnosis to treatment through follow-up care.
  • https://www.siuhealthcare.org/about-siu-healthcare.html About SIU HealthCare | SIU HealthCare - SIU HealthCare is the clinical practice of SIU School of Medicine. Located in Springfield, Ill., our team has more than 250 health care professionals including university physicians and faculty members who are collectively dedicated to providing excellent medical care, advancement of care through research, and training the next generation of physicians.

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