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Shatterproof - Shatterproof is a national non-profit organization committed to protecting our loved ones from addiction to illicit and prescription drugs, and alcohol, and ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease.

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  • John H. - Much Better Day After

    I guess it's time to admit that I am getting older and that I am no longer in my twenties. Recently, my problems with the day after drinking have revolved around headaches. Anything over two drinks would land me in a headache hell the next morning, usually through the afternoon. Add to this that sometimes I would feel groggy or sick, although this happened much less frequently.

  • INmomof2 - ... lunches as they rarely eat school and they work perfect for that

    bought these for my daughters lunches as they rarely eat school and they work perfect for that. nice to have the variety pack since I have 2 girls who seem to be total opposites and like different stuff. would buy these again.

  • Bder Khan - This book was stupid...

    Who wants this anyways? I bought this because my parents forced me to during summer vacation so that I wouldn't forget Geometry even though I am taking advanced computer science over the summer for college credit. You will not need to buy this book because usually you take geometry for ONE YEAR it is just stupid things, basically all algebra. If anything, buy an algebra textbook or something because all of the stuff in this book I all ready knew. So there is no need to buy it for your kid. On the other hand if you are an old parent or something and want to learn some basic math this would be a descent book to purchase, but still buy some of the algebra books anyway because they have more things to learn.