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  • Shananigans - Will mess up a normal cycle - did not ovulate!

    Unfortunately I am going to have to write a negative review just to make other women aware. I did read a few reviews that stated if you have normal cycles and ovulation don't take it because it may mess up your cycle. Please ladies pay attention to that. I like you, read all the raving 5 star reviews and thought #1 I'm almost 40 and have been trying for over 5 years now so this may be my miracle as it has helped so many like me. My diagnosis is that I have very low AMH levels and high FSH levels, a thyroid disorder and of course advanced age. I started taking this just before ovulation last cycle and I took it exactly like the directions stated - twice a day. I have been charting for the last year. I ovulate every month. I've done months of clomid, femara, injectables, femara + injectables, nothing, vitex, black cohash. Oddly the only thing that got me pregnant last may was black cohash (after 4 years ttc). Throughout all of this I have taken CoQ10 to improve my egg quality. So back to the pregnitude. I started my cycle like normal this month. Around day 14 I was still getting high readings on my advanced ovulation kit since day 10 - I generally ovulate between days 12 - 14. Day 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 all high readings. Of course I researched dr. google and realized that maybe I would be one of the lucky late ovulaters that gets pregnant (my eggs are usually very mature by day 14 so I doubted this). I did nothing else no other meds this month - I like to see how my body will react to adding something new before I combine so all I took was this, my synthroid for my thyroid, prenatal vitamin (rainbow) and CoQ10. I did not ovulate, temps are still down. On the bright side I will probably have a cyst when my period starts and last June when I got pregnant I had a cyst and the cycle was cancelled so I was unable to do the planned clomid / IUI. I did black cohash days 1-10 ovulated on day 12 and my positive test 12 dpo. I found out there was no heartbeat at the doctor and the baby measured 8 weeks, saw a healthy heartbeat at 7 weeks. I had another miscarriage when I was 20 which the baby measured exactly 8 weeks also. I believe I have a blood clotting disorder because my miscarriages occur right at the 8 week mark when the placenta takes over (just speculation). I had been taking baby aspirin but had to stop due to an SCH (blood clot in the uterus). The SCH dissolved. I am hopeful and will update if I get pregnant with what I did. Please ladies don't give up hope and do your research because this will work for some but not all. If you don't temp you should start.

  • Larry T. - enough sizes, love included sharpening tool

    Wife's tools. I am just the lucky man who married a woman that likes to use and knows how to use them.

  • Debbie - Great shampoo

    This stuff works well on my fine thin hair. No build up. Won't even try another shampoo at this point

  • julia - I love this stroller

    I love this stroller! It was such a great price on sale and it is very smooth and comfortable for my lil one. Would definitely recommend it!