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  • Diarci - Good but Annoying

    So first the good. I had been using Norton Security 2016 (renamed Norton Anti-Virus for 2017) andwith each update it seemed to take up more system resources. My Windows 7 applications all developed a significant time lag in loading. Bitdefender solved that, they now load almost immediately.

  • S. A. Coale - Waste of Money: No quality control

    I just bought Color Magazine issue 2 and was totally disappointed. The quality of the drawings varied so much. Some could have been drawn by not very good grade-schoolers. The printing was terrible. I had splotches of ink on several of my printed pages and on the backs of many of the pages. Some pages seemed to fade out partway through the page with the left side being very faint and the right side being darker. The lines of the drawings varied as well with some being very faint and others being thick and very black. It was evident that different artists contributed to the collection and there wasn't much of a vetting process. All in all, I was very disappointed in the magazine and will not recommend it to anyone.

  • TommyTsunami88 - Bad Reception But Hey It Looks Good

    This is an awesome antenna and honestly it doesn't get half bad reception around my area. However it does suffer with reception the further you go from your radio station's epicenter. But if you are looking for a great clean look and/or use an iPod most of the time don't hesitate to get this.

  • Zachattack - Great, could be a little cheaper in price

    Looks great, easiest install (if you even call it that you just screw it in) ever. As far as downgrading radio reception, couldn't really tell a difference to be honest. I don't listen to the radio that much anymore these days anyways. That's what pandora and Sirius are for! I gave it 4 instead of 5 cause it's a little pricey for the piece. I think 15-20$ is a better, more reasonable price. 25$ is a little steep for this.

  • B. Alleman - Great monitor at the right price!

    After using a 17" square LCD monitor for 10 years, I decided it was time for a new wide screen monitor. Because there is very little bezel at the top and sides, this monitor takes up less space than other so-called 24" models. The matte finish is just what I wanted, and colors seem very true. The only con is the difficulty adjusting brightness, etc. with the tiny buttons on the bottom of the screen. I haven't noticed any light spots on dark backgrounds that several had mentioned. In fact, the picture is perfect in my opinion.