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  • lüph - Excellent lights - sturdy and bright!

    Excellent lights - sturdy and bright! Even though I am the sunshine state, I had to put them along the driveway so I got some tree shade, but they still last for a few hours before going out, shining nicely. Either an animal or one of my dogs managed to knock off one of the tops so a better locking mechanism would be nice for country homes but that's not a big deal - the light still works and the casing did not break. I love the steel pole as in the past I had lights like that and their plastic poles broke pretty fast. Definitely recommend!

  • Helen Stott-oleary - A Great Gift for a Great Grandson

    This book was a gift for my Great Grandson. He was very thrilled to receive this gift. At school you had to share this book and you couldn't take it home and you had to share with the whole class. He was so happy to receive his own personal copy and could read it whenever he wanted and for how long he wanted to. Kids love this book! The look on his face was so worth it.

  • W.W. - Quiet Space-Saver

    I purchased this disposal to replace my old broken disposal which was also an InSinkErator, not compact and with lower HP. This new disposal which is an upgrade in HP has worked well for the few months I have had it and is relatively quiet. It also does not take up too much room under my sink, for which I am happy. However, this model sports a splash guard with horizontal slits in two of the baffles which I worry will eventually tear with normal wear such as by pushing food down into the disposal. I don't recall my old disposal having any slits in the baffles. In addition, the sink flange on this model is not as wide, sturdy looking, and attractive as the flange on my old disposal. This new flange just looks cheap in my opinion, and since it is as narrow as can possibly be, I can still see the outline of where the the old flange used to sit. I wear a size small in ladies gloves, and it is a snug fit for me to fit my hand into this disposal. I imagine that many people with larger hands would not even be able to access the disposal should they need to. Just an FYI.

  • Virginia L. Wilson - Great book, got me ready for SAT Math Level ...

    Great book, got me ready for SAT Math Level 1 even though I hadn't taken math in three years. I passed the test easily after ONLY studying with this book