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  • carolyn bridson - worked for me

    im a moderate user since moving to the south, followed the directions on the bottle, was peeing extremely clear, but passed the test for a job.

  • Ryan F. - Great Budget Mousepad

    For around two months I have been using a mouse pad that was included with a laptop backpack--it was a horrifying experience; it did not track evenly, was sized awkwardly and it smelled awful.

  • Jay Burgos - STAY AWAY!!!

    Very bad. I purchased this because I loved Music Maker Jam on my phone (which is laggy, clumsy and crashes a lot). This software is the worst I have owned. Performance is bad most of the time. Lags like crazy, audio stutters and crackles. You could make an argument that it is maybe my PC, but so many others run much smoother (Sony Acid, Mixcraft Pro, Reason Essentials, Cubase Elements). Overall it feels unpolished. Dont buy. Save your money and buy an entry version of Cubase, Reason or Live. I also own Samplitude 2016 (also by Magix) and performs equally bad. I never could resolve some installation issues of some plug-ins, tech support couldnt figure it out. STAY AWAY FROM MAGIX!!!!

  • TerryInCT - WE love it!

    I bought this for my husband who has a slight problem with bad breath and does not like any other mouth wash. I use ACT mint, but this is what our dentist uses so we were both familiar with it prior to purchasing it. It's refreshing, tastes nice and has no alcohol which dries the mouth causing even more halitosis.