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SASCA | Rehabilitation South Africa - SASCA is a non-profit professional organisation, representing the interests of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants in South Africa

  • http://www.sasca.org.za/resources.html Hospital Facilities for SCI | Hospitals with Rehab Units, Spinal Units, and Acute Care for Spinal Cord Injuries | SASCA - A list of hospitals in SA with Rehab Units, Spinal Units, and Acute Care for Spinal Cord Injuries

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  • Thea - A product that actually works

    A very nice product for using on our dogs' teeth. We've used Tropiclean now for about 5 years, and it really does help with plaque removal. You can apply it direct, or on a toothbrush (I like the toothbrush best, it works faster).

  • Flemeth Dragon - A new cashcow is born

    Don't get me wrong: Spore is an original, entertaining game. Graphics are not impressive but still attractive. Gameplay itself is not revolutionary but fun. The only thing that stands out of this entire adventure is the concept, which is highly original and never before seen.


    I used to LOVE this cream it was PERFECT then they changed it to "get the NSF rating" and it's now terrible it BURNS my face TURNS IT BRIGHT RED and burns SO BAD. Now it has sodium benzoate in it. It's so stupid to add sodium benzoate to a product with Vitamin C in the name. Sodium benzoate PLUS ascorbic acid (vitamin C) forms benzene, a known carcinogen. It doesn't spread well or even absorb at all anymore it leaves your face clown white right before it turns bright red, Im not sure how this has a NFS rating when it seems to have much more chemicals now, it smells less like oranges and more like chemicals and it burns your skin. I can't understand why a company would take a perfect cream, that worked so well and totally 100% ruin it. I makes me mad. Why can't they leave well enough alone. Not only will I not buy this cream again, I'm sworn off of avalon organics 100% until they bring the old formula back. It took me YEARS of trying creams to find one I really loved and stuck with and now I have to start all over again. I don't take this lightly.

  • 333-X - I found the quality of this product to be looking good! 4

    In a nutshell this is a lucky recieve! My review of this product is as follows (For the purposes of Organization I will give a quick review on each area of the product that I think might be of help.)