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  • WDBlocker - Worth the effort.

    This was a helpful kickstart for my husband and me. We decided after 10 days to continue to stay away from sugar, caffeine and gluten. We limit ourselves to one day a week to incorporate those three things for the day. On Sundays we start back on the detox eating plan. We both feel better than ever and my husband (of course) is steadily losing weight. Mine is slower, but I am losing my belly fat which appeared 1 year ago with my 60th birthday :-)

  • Lisa Jeffrey - 12 Benefits Hair Treatment

    Love this product. It tames my fine, curly hair and takes the frizz away. This is my second bottle. It works great if I blow dry my hair straight or air dry it letting it go curly.

  • Expectcustomerservice - Great product. Needed a little more detailed instructions

    These crossbars were a lot less expensive than the Toyota Dealership version. They were delivered quickly.

  • Lisa Saffels - So happy that Damian has finally released his first solo album ...

    So happy that Damian has finally released his first solo album and "This Christmas Time" was worth the wait. It's never too early to listen to Christmas music and this cd starts setting the mood. Hoping he tours with this cd. Definitely a fantastic addition to anyones Christmas Collection.

  • Amazon Customer - Cornerstone Albums for Commemorative Quarters Excellent

    The albums (Statehood Quarters and National Park Quarters) arrived on time and in beautiful condition.

  • Amazon Customer - Works good but car doesn't remote start instead pops trunk when ...

    Works good but car doesn't remote start instead pops trunk when I depress button and trunk button does nothing