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Gastroenterologist Glenwood Springs, CO - Reflux, Stomach Pain, Ulcers - Jason Collins - Glenwood Springs, CO Gastroenterologist, Jason Collins. Treating stomach pain, intestinal problems, acid reflux, constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.

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  • Suzanne Martin - Okay but not a great option

    I started this program because a friend lost 40 lbs on it and I was excited about Facebook posts that said it is very effective for the midsection. I'll admit that I had a hard time following it to a T. I'm a busy professional and I think changing your habits over night is a bit challenging. I will say that I did dramatically change my habits overall but I did not full eliminate things like wine and cheese. I would say I followed it 75%. While I fit into my pants a bit more easily, I did not loose any weight per se and this is an expensive program. Also in terms of ingredients, they are good but if you do your research. There are healthier and cheaper options. I'm going to try vegansmart after this. Like Isagenix, the shakes are tasty but better ingredients. It is also half the price of Isagenix. Btw the cleanse day drinks do not taste good, cold robituson is a good description but it is not utterly disgusting.

  • Katie - Love my meat grinder.

    This meat grinder is awesome! I put my chunk meat in it and it came out smooth and looking like spaghetti meat. Lol. This was great to have for making chili and tacos. I also used this for my boneless skinless chicken breasts, so that I could make burritos with ground chicken. In a side note, this meat grinder also suctions to the counter so it does stay in place.

  • John J. Byrne - Installs easy, looks great

    For the money you can't go wrong with this case. Installs easy, looks great, will probably last the life of my phone. This one is the best!

  • Nick F. - Terribly Buggy Software

    I downloaded this software the other day. It is absolutely atrocious. I consider myself fairly smart and can use most software. This program is full of bugs and hasn't worked properly since I set it up. I'm getting fatal errors now and the program won't even start. I've used quickbooks site and have reinstalled this program probably around 8 times now. When I went to reinstall today (because that's what intuit's support website recommended) the program won't even reinstall. This program is an absolute dud. Do not purchase and do not buy it. Use an excel spreadsheet or save your money for an accountant. This program is absolutely not worth it. I want my money back and will never use this program again.

  • Nichelle Perez - Use with a waist cincher or some type of compression!

    I was skeptical like most to try these. I'm pretty slim but I wanted something to tone a little extra before a vegas trip. I tried on my stomach and back of my thighs. Didn't really see any difference on my thighs but I just left it on for 2 hours and tried wearing some tight shorts to keep them in place which didn't work too well. On my stomach I put a waist cincher I have over the wrap and wore it for 4 hours. Drank alot of water and although I didn't measure my inches I could tell the skinner around my stomach looked much smoother and firmer. After 3 days I felt like my stomach was flatter even though it wasn't too bad in the first place but I definitely felt more confident when wearing tight shirts. I would recommend to wear some type of cincher or tight compression because I honestly think that helps considering I didn't see the difference when I tried it on the back of my thighs with no compression.

  • mikey - Four Stars

    Good resolution, has all the bells and whistles, and has a study mount. And a good price. Recommended.

  • D. AVERY - Easy & Comprehensive

    We have investments and rental property that we track in QuickBooks Pro 2016. It makes it easy to import from existing bank accounts and easy to export to TurboTax when that time arrives every year. Comprehensive in that almost every business report that you need is just a few mouse clicks away.