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Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Specialists (RMIDS) in Colorado - RMIDS provides state-of-the-art infectious disease consultative services as well as infusion, vaccine and travel medicine services. We treat our patients promptly, thoroughly and compassionately.

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  • lori albright - Very good

    I have tried some of the cheap 10 or 15 dollar cleanses and they don’t compare to ultracleanse. Excellent detox product

  • Amazon Customer - Descent for $100

    Works great, considering the battery does take hours to charge. The battery lasts about 100 feet of 1 foot tall weeds/grass. So I would image your average height grass it would last 300 lineal feet easy. I suggest the extra battery.

  • Amazon Customer - OLD FAITHFUL!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonderful product...My parents used to use this on my when I was a child, they used it for aches, pains, clods, aching feet..you name it. I am so glad that I found it again. It is the same great product that I remember.

  • Tori - Brand new booty

    Only used this product for a month. Great result, started seeing the differences in two weeks. Tried to buy again, but out of stock. Waiting for Jan 20,2011 to reorder. Affordable price too, hope it stay the same.

  • Robert E. Hahn - Great story. Scales properly on my tab'et.

    Bought a few kids kids books on kindle recently for my new Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet... they haven't scaled correctly.

  • Julia Johnson - works great on bathroom tile!

    I thought my boys had completely destroyed my bathroom - there was nothing I could do to get rid of the stench around the toilet where urine had seeped down into the 60 year old grout & tile. And this is only two boys in, we have two more yet to potty train! First word of advice: don't teach your little boys to stand at the toilet unless you plan on purchasing stock in this company! I doused the floor and walls around my toilet, came back an hour later and swished a little more all around, then let it dry... I probably looked like a crazy person smelling down and around every corner, marveling at the pleasant smell the bathroom hasn't seen since before kids! A little bit of sanity restored. Worth every penny (ie 498 pennies a bottle at Walmart).