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The Raymond John Wean Foundation - The Raymond John Wean Foundation is empowered residents creating a healthy, vibrant and economically stable Mahoning Valley with equal opportunity for all.

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  • MaryKate - Good quality but the release and tighten strap is difficult to use!

    I think this is an attractive and good quality item. I just can't give it 5 stars because we really hate the release and tighten strap! It's very difficult to tighten and loosen and scares us a little. I'm also worried that as he grows (he's only 23 lbs so far) It'll be very tight to try and get him in and out by the straps.

  • PH10 - Minimal Improvement during 1st Month

    I've taken this product in the past and thought I noticed improvement within a shorter period of time. I started taking it again - religiously - one month ago and notice little to no improvement. My nails seem to be a little longer/stronger, but I bought it for my hair. I will continue to take it consistently until all 3 bottles are gone. I may upgrade my review at that time.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing

    Compliments on my hair keep coming. All I have to do now is wash, comb and leave it to air dry. Never been able to do this before, always had to blow dry to be able to leave the house looking decent. It makes the hair look healthy, smooth and styled. Bare in mind that you have to use it for a while to see the benefits. I noticed the difference after about half the bottle.

  • frugalgirl - They really do enrich your eye health!

    I was interested in this lutein vision health supplement for my elderly aunt who suffers from severe eye problems. All I can say is that she said, " they work so great." The lutein really helped her vision. She says her eyes really needed good nutrition and that these supplement were a God sent to her and that they have been so good for her that she has continued to use vita strength Lutein supplements. According to my aunt her diet was never rich in lutein and her eyes were feeling the results of having eating a poor diet. Now that she older and another relative had problems with macular degeneration she feels that these pills are wonderful to prevent more damage. She claims she sees well can now read magazines with out so much strain. She is really tickled pink about using Lutein and highly recommend to anyone over 60. Take care of your eyes she tell me because is a blessing to have your vision. My aunt was trilled with the purchase. Excellent antioxidant for retaining healthy eyesight.

  • Judi E. - Does not live up to expectations

    I had high hopes for this device. I wear digital hearing aids and am always worried when I am active that I will loose them. I ordered two and was looking forward to trying them out in the classroom......do not waste your money. The background noise is so annoying; it is impossible to hear anything over it. Yes, you can turn it down, but, the reason I am wearing a hearing aid to begin with is because I need the amplification, so when I turn it down to reduce the background noise, I can not hear people speaking. I did return it and was promptly refunded, but, my advise is to put your money elsewhere.

  • Consumer Joe - This Will Kill Your Phone Battery - There are Safer Alternatives

    This charger NEVER STOPS CHARGING and therefore risks the lifespan of your non-replaceable phone battery or worse, could exacerbate an already dangerous situation with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries. The phone gets very hot during the fast charge cycle but then it never cools off, even hours after reaching 100%. I used this primarily on my nightstand and no matter what time of night I pick up my phone it's very warm to the touch. Check the reviews and you will see several comment on this warm to the touch phenomenon.