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Revista de Osteoporosis y Metabolismo Mineral · Publicación Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Metabolismo Mineral · SEIOMM - Publicación oficial bilingüe (español e inglés) de la Sociedad Española de Investigación Ósea y del Metabolismo Mineral. Acceso y descarga gratuita

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -8.4068 Galicia, Spain

  • Giftfromgod55 - The outdoor LED solar lights are charged directly from the sun, so you never need power cords.

    My review is for the LED Solar Lights with Motion Sensor (2 Pack)- Multipurpose Backyard Lights for Porch, Patio, Walkway, Stairs, Garden, Fence, Playground- Outdoor Solar Path Lights w/ 16 Super Bright White LED Lights- Home Lighting Solar Yard Lights, Green Color. by Light Speed Solar Tech. The outdoor LED solar lights are charged directly from the sun, so you never need power cords. This outdoor LED solar lights is solar-powered .After it's full-charged it can will keep working more than 8 hours. My husband installed this light with absolutely not problems at all. This is a wonderful solar light. We received this with quick delivery!! Very happy with this product. So happy to receive this product at this discounted price. And I believe you will be too should you choose to purchase these!! We plan on using this every day above our exterior garage and shed doors. It put the light where we needed it to most. We have received this product at a discounted price in exchange for your honest and unbiased review..

  • jerry - cold pressed black seed oil

    this black seed oil is great for high blood pressure, one tea spoon daily with your medication / lower your pressure 115/66 on average.

  • Retired Guy - Avast for free!

    For years, my son has scoffed at my quest for the best anti-virus software. As a computer tech and software engineer, he simply advised me to get Avast ASAP, and then made some other suggestions that I speak to elsewhere. Let me just say that download was a cinch, I set up automatic scans, and virus updates with no hassle. My own chats with people about anti virus software often leads me to say that I have Avast, which leads to nods of approval. Avast does not deluge me with reminders to renew or upgrade like other provider, and I am a happy camper.

  • Frances K. - but overall it gave a good picture of Lucy and Desi

    An awful lot of detail in this biography which was a bit offputting, but overall it gave a good picture of Lucy and Desi. I learned many things I never knew before.

  • Lory P. - I bought this as a gift. I call it ...

    I bought this as a gift. I call it my health bible. READ IT! If you are tired of the lies you have been told by many doctors and pharmaceutical companies who are making tons of money on your illness that they willingly proliferate....then you will really appreciate this book and Shane's truthful insights. His no BS approach is honest and straightforward.

  • Bazajaytee - Good filament for use with LulzBot Mini

    I previously purchased the neutral coloured filament for use with my LulzBot Mini and it worked perfectly. I opted for Black filament on my second reel and was not disappointed. Great quality and good printed results from this filament.