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  • John - A bit bland but promising

    I thought the book was a bit too straightforward. Some good ideas and decent language usage. I hope he continues and encourage him to build in more complexities and a bit less of the long March from a direct to b.

  • shoppingfordeals - Great concept for Leapfrog, but some downfalls

    This is a great idea for little kids wanting an ipad-type toy. Durable & well-made. There are some new, cute & creative games, but not many. I'm very dissapointed in that there really are a limited amount of downloadable games available. Leapfrog should make all of their existing games available to download onto the LeapPad. The whole point is to eliminate the need to carry around and possibly lose cartridges. Also, I am appauled that although certain popular in-depth games such as Mr. Pencil are downloadable, they're priced higher at $25!!!! That's ludicrous being that it's for download. Most of their apps/games are $10. Leapfrog... Please make the existing games downloadable online at a cheaper price!

  • BillyM - Fantastic!

    I used this product for a while and it seemed to work well. I then tried a few other "alcohol free" store brand products to try and save money. While I was busy trying other brands I noticed that those disgusting tonsil stones (white balls in the back of your throat) started coming back. Within a few days of switching back to this product, the tonsil stones were gone and have stayed away. I would not hesitate one bit in recommending this product.

  • Michael Wilson - Fast Devlivery!

    I bought this one as a make up gift to my daughter. I was unable to get her this doll in 2012 because of some personal things going on. However the Mint Condition this arrived in is perfect to help complete the set that I've been collecting for her since she was born. Thank you to an amazing seller.