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  • Jennifer Vazquez - All CLEP test books the same

    I was looking for multiple practice tests to take for one of the subjects, and there was only one test for my subject in this book.

  • T.R. - Find what you need out of it

    Ok, I saw this one as being one of the "bigger" titles in the personal development genre. What I liked about it was how he breaks down sex to it's core and how that relates to humans and our emotions. The way the book helps articulate attraction is pretty powerful. The other best part of the book in my opinion was the alpha/beta dynamics and tips on balancing this aspect of your life.

  • Takeyabue - A enjoyable ride through another place and time.

    A nice easy read in the military fantasy realm with plenty of real world historical analogs to draw you easily into the story. The fantasy/supernatural elements serve to add a little spice and suspense and deft characterization just adds to the overall enjoyment. Looking forward to reading the second volume which just came out. Well worth your reading time if this is at all in your preferred genres.

  • Midcenturyman - Great product for the price for charging options.

    I have not been able to really test it out for all day charging, but did put it (inside) by the window and let the sunlight hit it, and it was charging the battery pack. So far, it seems to do what it says it will do. It is a very reasonable priced item to have on hand to charge small items.

  • Daniel A. Borg - EXCELLENT re-master. had to get used to different sound ...

    EXCELLENT re-master. had to get used to different sound of some music and voices compared to movie version, but I think this version, which was the first (JCS was originally just going to be an album, not opera, or movie) IS the DEFINITIVE version. Will listen too it over and over.

  • Dresden - Then I realized she recapped some of my favorite TV shows (Scandal

    I have been following Luvvie's work online for years. Friends started retweeting her quips and zings and I had to follow. Then I realized she recapped some of my favorite TV shows (Scandal, GOT) - and they are not your Mama's recap posts. (but I DO end up forwarding many of them to my mom - ha!) SO funny, seriously laugh out loud. Luvvie has a style of writing that is uniquely her own, and yet she speaks to the everyman in all of us. Her book, "I'm Judging You" is immediately funny and biting, but it is also warm and inviting. If you spend any time in social media (Facebook, Twitter, whatever) you will recognize many of the themes Luvvie tackles in her book. They may even help you recognize how you can jump in and participate in conversations about politics, race, media, pop culture.

  • Cristina Herrera - Please don't buy

    Any group that uses such aggressive sales techniques to where you feel swindled and hate yourself for even letting yourself get dragged into their store, has to have MAJOR things wrong with it. Read the other reviews. I made it out of the store after getting dragged in, the sales lady pointed out my blackheads and said at 25 my body decided it's had enough time being beautiful and that not it's time to take care of myself. Sooo glad I didn't but because the product feels like goop and the arm she put it on feels sticky. Be careful walking by them.