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  • Lily - My new BFF!

    Awesome product! We have 2 active boys, and our house gets dusty fast. We were vacuuming twice a week, which I thought needed to be done more, but didn't really want to physically vacuum more. I was looking into hiring a house keeping service, but I was concerned about security and scheduling issues. Now I have this guy. Amazing! Because it gets stuck with codes and what not, we had to prepare the rooms, which help us organize our rooms better. Our house is organized in general for Roomba to do his work. It can clean with our room lights off, it doesn't complain, it doesn't ask for money, none of that! And the best part is, he does a great job! Hepa filter keeps things contained pretty good, and I'm amazed with how much dust Roomba collected in a week. It did much better job than me vacuuming with dyson, which means our dyson probably needs to be serviced. Welcome Roomba to our house!

  • Dave - Amazon is awesome as far as I am concerned

    First of all, Amazon is awesome as far as I am concerned. I got this order the next day. I already had the teeth insert pieces because I did this through my dentist several years ago for $600 and had the pieces still.

  • Amanda C. Barringer - Better than previous versions...

    I use Access mostly for class work, but the 2010 version is so much more user friendly that I'm starting to use it regularly to help create database apps, use it for home organization, etc. In an IT/Database Management class I took (upper division college course) we had older students (50+) who were trying to move up still in their careers and even though they still weren't comfortable with some computer elements such as open-source software, the 2010 Access was user-friendly enough that they could use it. Overall I find it very user friendly and really like the formatting.