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  • http://www.psychopharmacologyupdate.com/Article-Detail/progesterone-trials-for-tbi-no-improvement-over-placebo.aspx Progesterone trials for TBI: No improvement over placebo - The search to identify a single treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI) remains frustrating to researchers, with the failure of two recent trials of progesterone.
  • http://www.psychopharmacologyupdate.com/about.aspx Psychopharmacology Update: TOP 5 REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE - 1. The latest on psychotropic medication makes my practice more effective. 2. The latest industry & FDA news. 3. Getting relevant research monthly saves me serious time. 4…
  • http://www.psychopharmacologyupdate.com/meet-us.aspx Lawrence H. Price, M.D Managing Editor: Psychopharmacology Update - Dr. Price was a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and was cited in "The Best Doctors in America" for the past 15 years. Read more…
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  • http://www.psychopharmacologyupdate.com/Article-Detail/intranasal-ketamine-shows-rapid-effects-in-depression-study.aspx Intranasal ketamine shows rapid effects in depression study - A single dose of ketamine with intranasal administration improved depressive symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant depression, with nearly half of patients responding.
  • http://www.psychopharmacologyupdate.com/Article-Detail/some-evidence-of-erythropoietin-effects-in-depression-treatment.aspx Some evidence of erythropoietin effects in depression treatment - Patients with treatment-resistant depression were randomized to receive weekly infusions of either erythropoietin (40,000 IU) or saline over 8 weeks, along with continuing on their antidepressant medication.
  • http://www.psychopharmacologyupdate.com/Feature-Detail/venlafaxine-extended-release-genericeffexor-xr-brand.aspx Venlafaxine extended release (generic)/Effexor XR (brand) - Information on indications, dosages and effects of the SNRI venlafaxine extended release
  • http://www.psychopharmacologyupdate.com/Feature-Detail/oxcarbazepine-generic-trileptal-brand.aspx Oxcarbazepine (generic)/Trileptal (brand) - Information on indications, dosages, and potential adverse effects of the anticonvulsant oxcarbazepine
  • http://www.psychopharmacologyupdate.com/Feature-Detail/sertraline-generic--zoloft-brand.aspx Sertraline (generic) Zoloft (brand) - Information about indications, recommended uses and potential adverse effects associated with the SSRI sertraline
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