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Starbene: mente-corpo - Sito di psicologia e psicoterapia cognitivo - comportamentale per i disturbi d'ansia (ansia, attacchi di panico, doc, fobie), disturbi dell'umore, stress, disturbi alimentari (bulimia, anoressia), disturbi sessuali, disturbi di personalita. Ne

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  • Rick Fior - Owners Manual

    I was very pleased with the process and product I received. It was easy to order and received what I expected.

  • C. Belanger - Walked one thousand miles to be with me

    I purchased the 3 wolf moon shirt while on vacation in Utah but I forgot it in the hotel room. Imagine my surprise when 7 weeks later, I heard a knock at my door back home. It was 3 wolf moon! It walked all the way to my house by itself. Excellent fit, too.

  • [email protected] - Proven information/I tried HGH; it works!

    This book is extremely well written and well documented. It does not make unproven claims for HGH, and clearly indicates where the medical information is still inconclusive. The growth hormone product of the future referred to in the book exists now. I have tried it and it works! Must reading for anyone who cares about the quality of life.

  • TexArdvark - A Great Adventure Starts

    The Author has artfully thrown in his hook and I have bitten! This story has great potential for being rated up there with the best fantasy fiction if it continues with the same energy and forethought. A concept wrapping Roman like Legionaries, elves, and possibly dwarves in the storylines future is enticing enough to go on to Book 2 as soon as possible. The characters are likable and soon become of interest as the tale progresses. A singular Legionnaire Captain, a Lieutenant Elf, and a rag tag army come to their own after being given a near impossible assignment. It's quite a story.